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JenHZ post whole30 Dancing my own Dance


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I'm done with my formal reintros but still want a place to track how food makes me feel and write out challenges.


Welcome to any who want to comment or any W30 November reintro buddies who want to post occasionally but not enough to start their own log.


I am really glad reintros are over as I caught cold from my spouse and my home remedy is honey, lemon juice, tee Braggs cider vinegar and Whiskey in it so not W30 compliant!


I had a big spoonful of local honey after breakfast.  Couldn't' feel any particular sugar reaction.  I did sleep for 2 hours after that but that was the cold, I had to convince myself that sleep was best for me based on past cold experiences.


thought I had compliant tomato soup in the freezer but what I pulled out turned out to be pepper leek soup that was made with a touch of real butter. I added some leftover tomato sauce to it to make it more tomato flavored.  I love  peppers when I have a cold.


Will sauté some peppers with garlic for dinner tonight.  Just for me and maybe kid.  Going to pick up a rotisserie chicken for the main part of dinner.


do need to grocery store for that.  also out of fresh fruit, white potatoes ( having the last one for lunch), sweet potatoes, , lemon juice, lime juice, cookies for kid,  milk for kid, ghee, cashews, in other words this was supposed to be grocery day anyway.   also need a few other non-food items


well that's enough to get started here


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hi JenHZ

love the home cold remedy.

Colds are the worst, but I do enjoy grocery shopping so hope you can rally and enjoy wandering the aisles.


I'm going to join in following you and probably posting some of my own experiences. I have a few more reintros to do before thanksgiving, then I'm going to stay compliant except when I can't avoid it at certain holiday events and with family over the holidays. Plan is to do another whole30 in January when my two friends want to do their first one.


Tomorrow is gluten. It is my nemesis because pastry, croissant, warm fresh bread -- those are my downfall. So I need to see what they do to me. I'm almost hoping that they really don't agree with me so I don't have to just be thoughtful and eat with mindfulness. Like many people have said, it's sometimes just easier to have a black and white rule. But whatever I find out will be most helpful.

thanks for keeping a space for us, JenHZ!

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Welcome burgards, hope gluten is a friend but one you only get to visit rarely.  Is that stretching the metaphor far enough?


BTW I chose dancing my own dance instead of riding my own bike because I really am a very poor bike rider.  I need an empty parking lot and haven't learned turning yet.  But dance is an area where I have tremendously increased my self-confidence over the past 4 years.


went to my cholesterol counseling appointment today.  did not have the guts to ask the pharmacist if she actually believed what she was saying.  she was a sub as regular guy was sick so I didn't really want to unload on her and I know we won't have an ongoing relationship so her answer wouldn't really matter.  Going back in 6 weeks to see regular guy.  May do testing then.  Until then I will follow the recommendation to up my exercise.  I don't think I will even try on the lowering my saturated fat intake.  They could not complain about how many fruits and vegetables I eat so that was positive.


Since I do want to increase my HDL I am considering drinking alcohol more often.  But that would probably not be great for the weight loss which was recommended and which I also want.


my current wholefoods goal is to get 30 days of Whole 30 + possible alcohol and trace sugar between now and my next appointment 1/6/16.  That means not more than 10 of those days could have a non whole 30 food.  Thanksgiving is one of those days and I think I better  consider that  my other 4 travel days will be in that category.  That leaves 5 days for holiday parties, or 3 parties and 1 day for eggnog at home and one for cookies.


so this should be day 1 W30+A&s

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Let me be clear, I'm not going to drink more than before the W30.  just back up from the zero of W30.

The Mayo Clinic site and other basically mainstream medical sites agree that moderate drinking is linked with higher HDL levels. 

More personally drinking about 1 serving of alcohol a day seemed to have a good impact on my dad's HDL levels. 


also realized I need a sugar day for my candy making Sunday.  Counting the days really should be helpful in not going off the healthy eating on a whim.

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Well I just  accepted invites to 2 parties, and remembered we are cooking Christmas dinner for homeless camp and I think we are expected to join in the meal.  May be able to be ingredient compliant at Chanukah party with latkes and applesauce.

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Today was candy eating day though I still have more to make tomorrow.  will see how eating 5 pieces of candy over the course of the day makes me feel tomorrow.  Good thing was I didn't want to dive into a whole bowl of candy.  And yes it was really sweet.  I ate it after Meal1, Meal 3 and Meal 4 so I was full already.


what I really should have remembered was not to take Sudafed and drink 2 cups of caffeinated coffee this morning.  I was buzzing so much I preferred not to drive for 6 hours


I will be away a lot of next week so don't know how often I will get to post.

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Today was candy eating day though I still have more to make tomorrow.  will see how eating 5 pieces of candy over the course of the day makes me feel tomorrow.  Good thing was I didn't want to dive into a whole bowl of candy.  And yes it was really sweet.  I ate it after Meal1, Meal 3 and Meal 4 so I was full already.


what I really should have remembered was not to take Sudafed and drink 2 cups of caffeinated coffee this morning.  I was buzzing so much I preferred not to drive for 6 hours


I will be away a lot of next week so don't know how often I will get to post.


You are the mistress of control, good job JenHZ!

will be interested to see if you notice any after effects. Watch that buzz!

I posted about gluten in the reintros thread. It was not pretty.

happy holiday week & best of luck for fun, family, rest, and mindfulness.

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made a misstep today getting coffee,  it was way too hot to drink so I put in cream.  and I still burned my mouth.  I may have to learn to ask for ice water but I feel terrible wasting a whole cup of water.  So what I should really learn to do is take my own cupS


success in not tasting toffee I made today.  Not that there is any point in tasting it.  by the time it is set there isn't anything you can do to fix it.  I have made it for years and it smelled and looks fine. I am sure spouse will taste it for me after work.


thanks burgards,  I am in no way a mistress of control but I appreciate the title

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Sunday was Day 3, today is 4 W30+A&s


Yesterday was  eggnog, sadly I have some leftover.  It was very special and delicious.  I also went to the International District and got a steamed pork bun at the very best bakery there.


Monday I ate stuff that was not worth it, Grocery store brownies.  We had a meeting for our kid directly after school and I wanted her to have a snack she would enjoy and that we could share.  We also had grapes.


need a snack I could eat there that has no nuts, no sloppy stuff like dip, and can be eaten with fingers.  We will be having more meetings like this.


hope I did not awaken the sugar dragon too badly.  I did put cocoa powder and peppermint extract in my coffee this afternoon.



3 eggs scrambles in coconut oil with leftover cooked spinach,  leftover sweet potatoes that had been roasted with olive oil

M2 burger with lettuce wrap, white potato, mayo, iced tea  ate out so probably off plan oils



M3 roast beef ( leftover) mayo garlic sauce, sautéed kale ( leftover), pear


M4 hamburger, green beans (frozen), broccoli, ghee


make Chicken chowder from whole 30 cookbook for tomorrow night


Thanksgiving trip was good though we did not walk/hike as much as usual due to time constraints and some people being ill.  practically nothing processed and many excellent cooks and lots of local foods so I didn't pass much up.  I did drink less alcohol and ate much better on the train parts of the trip.


I need to figure out what to concentrate on in limited choice situations like the dining car.  Best is too broad a concept. 

No overt gluten or grains is where I am going to start. 

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Friday was sisterhood oneg and I sampled my own brownies.   guess aI should just have saved one for today as this was Moravian cookie making day so I had those today.


M 2 and M4 were W30 today


Scotch last night  (3rd night in a row) and head ache this morning.

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Sun Dec 6, 1st night of Chanukah


Day 6 W30+A&s


M1 3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil with a yellow pepper, sweet potato with ghee

M2 Chicken chowder from W30 cookbook

M3 mulled apple cider

M4 out  Fried Brussels sprouts with Sirracha mayo, bison bbq burger ( no bun), slaw, French fries  ( for Chanukah)

back home having a glass of red wine


had another headache this morning even though I only had red wine last night.  I wonder if I sleep so long on weekends that I get caffeine withdrawal?

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Day 7 W30+A&s 


a bit too much sugar today but it is Chanukah


M1 3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil with asparagus from last night, Lara bar  ( didn't get my frittata cooked ahead so needed something before I could start eggs)

mid morning double espresso

M2 Chicken chowder from W30 cook book with balsamic reduction

M3 drip coffee with sugar  gingerbread flavored syrup, banana, cashews(home roasted no salt), almonds ( commercially roasted).  I took kid and her friend to Starbucks without planning on that.  I did have cashews in car.   Forgot I had another Lara bar in there but 2 in 2 day would be a bit much)

M4 Honey Orange baked chicken thighs  - our Chanukah tradition  4 servings had 2T honey and 1T marmalade so some added sugar there too

baked squash  - one was called a dumpling squash and was really sweet and delicate

sautéed  Kale with almonds from the W30 cook book

white wine

spouse said it was a really well planned meal


did have a hint of a headache this morning after a big glass of red wine right before bed last night but 1 shot of espresso got rid of it, but that was on only 6 hours of sleep.


if caffeine is the weekend problem should I just keep a shot of espresso by my bed to drink and then try and go back to sleep? :wub:

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Tues Dec 8 was day 8 W30+A&s


M1 3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil with mushrooms, baked squash with ghee

Post WO sweet potato, smoked salmon

M2 out burger with lettuce wrap and mayo, steak fries   - not enough veggies

M3 cashews, sweet potato with ghee, ( really stressed) not a great choice but on plan

M4 Turkey patties, green beans with mushrooms, boiled little potatoes with lemon "butter" white wine


no head ache


had none this morning either  so white wine with meal seems ok though it is not always practical

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Wed dec 9 was day 9 W30+A&s


another frustrating day,  also I was cold all afternoon and into the evening

on plan but not optimal


M1 3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil, leftover green beans and mushrooms, roasted potatoes with ghee

Post WO rest of potatoes - were roasted with a bit of oil, turkey from deli a little sugar

Nia class ran half an hour late so ate fast food for lunch

M2 mcdonalds  burger no bun and French fries

that was really too skimpy a meal as well as unhealthy for me and the planet so had cashews and an almond milk latte when I made it home about  and hour and a half later

M3 onion pepper tomato frittata  (3 eggs), sweet potato and ghee, pear   I was not energetic enough to cook a green veg but frittata had 2 servings of veg in it and I FINALLY GOT IT MADE

M4 leftover bison burger, leftover baked squash, leftover Brussels sprouts, glass of red wine


I really wanted sweets this afternoon.  online shopping hassles, that late class and lunch, kid wasn't feeling great, spouse didn't do dishes,  nothing earthshattering but I really wanted an escape.


will have to reset the
"No Fast Food Eaten by This Household" sign back to zero days

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Thursday Dec 10 was day 10 W30+A&s


let's see what I remember

M1 frittata, boiled potatoes, ghee

M2 Orange chicken thigh, squash with citrus sauce, leftover Brussels sprouts

M3 smoked salmon, pear,  sweet potato with ghee

M4 W30 compliant chili, in acorn squash bowls  - great combo!


Friday Dec 11

putting all holiday treats in one day is a serious mistake that results in Imodium at midnight

w30 M1 same as Thursday

Eggnog 2 cups

grilled cheese sandwich with artisanal cheese at Frost

small peppermint mocha - should have gotten almond milk

milk chocolate balls( local)

M4 brisket slider   ( bun was worthless but I ate it)  OK veggies sides and fruit, 2 Kolaches(artisanal) and 1 frosted sugar cookie( homemade)


Saturday was another treat day but not so bad

m1 3 eggs scrambled with coconut oil, mushrooms sautéed with avocado oil, boiled potatoes with ghee

eggnog 1 cup

m2 salmon croquette ( bad recipe), sunshine sauce, green beans

hard candy, several decaf espressos

M3 brisket and veg  ( some sugar in recipe spouse says cut to 1/2 cup next year), broccoli

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good intentions today Monday 12/14/15 but I got derailed by attending a funeral and possibly by lack of caffine


spouse bought me  a very fancy espresso maker but we only have decaf beans for it,  drank a lot of decaf


M1 was good veggie frittata, sweet potato, ghee

lara bar after funeral 1 hour after I would normally eat meal 2

one hour after that ate m2 W30 compliant turkey patties, boiled potatoes, ghee, leftover green beans and mushrooms

but feeling really tired after that, tried decaf coffee with sugar but that didn't do it, really wanted a caffeinated latte, made one with what I had which was 1/2 and 1/2 and sugar free flavoring syrup - that was m3   I did wake up

M4 Aidele sweet Italian chicken sausage  (the one with no cheese), pumpkin with coconut milk and spices, leftover broccoli


tomorrow I have to eat out but I will choose more wisely and appreciate being waited on and not washing dishes

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Sunday I had sweets  and a big plate of Chinese food for dinner but still felt OK Monday  but sure don't' want to eat that way often


Tuesday 12/15/15 day 11 W30+A&s  although that may have been a big S sugar


M1 3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil with spinach, boiled potatoes with ghee

m2 out steak with veggies, horseradish aioli unknown oil, carrot soup - (milk???) garnish was fried in peanut oil, terra chips

coffee with chocolate and peppermint syrups

really that sugar drove good food off my plate

m3 leftover chicken sausage, few bites of sweet potato with ghee - left a lot of sweet potato and a pear

m4 leftover lamb, coleslaw with sunshine sauce, leftover baked squash with ghee, red wine

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I've dance right off the edge o the stage.  yesterday wed 12/16 spent all time shopping, cooking for, and making a condolence visit.  ate 2 ahdnfuls of nuts, a pear anda lara bar for lunch.  thought I would eat at visitbut nto time.  had to rush to get kid to doctor appointemtn with just a cup of black coffee.  at 6:30 doc appoitnemtn over I was whacked.  could nto face going home and cooking for myself.  ended up at Mexican restaurant where alogne whith very sweet fajitas I tried ther refried beans  ( beand asn dairy)   they gave me reflux.  had a headache too but  that could have been anything.


woke up with migraine, ate  toaster tart.  going to nap now and restart healthy eating with lunch.  have a potluck this evening I hoep I can make decent palns for it.


24th is more Chinese food


27th is dinner at a friends


need to figure out plans for 26th

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really shows how  being  poorly fed can cascade into a chain of poor decisions.  I wont' call this a planning failure though as it was an urgent food need for them and not something I could have forseen more than a day ahead.  and even then I severely underestimated my shopping and cooking time.  so I will have more info on that sort of planning next time and I will coordinate more with my spouse.

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hate disappearing posts


Thursday  almond butter a few cold cuts were not satisfying enough to keep away from a GF linzer cookie and homemade gf pumpkin muffins.  I hate when people take a lot of trouble to make something like that and it doesn't get eaten. 

but maybe I can hate not doing the right thing for me more?????


tonight got derailed at oneg,, said blessing, ate bite of challah,  - said oh ---- wheat might as well go for it. ate 2 store bought treats only 1 of which was even very good.  good did not bring any home.  think I will not count 1 Friday bite of challah as off plan

ate egg flax muffin this morning, excellent , better than most "real" muffins"

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Saturday m1 3 eggs scrambled in coco nut oil with  spinach, boiled potatoes with ghee

coffee with chocolate and peppermint syrup

M2 leftover lamb and spaghetti squash bowl with pesto

M3 strip steak, baked dumpling squash, salad with homemade vinaigrette, Brussels sprouts roasted with garlic, apple cooked with 1 T. red hots, wine

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