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Already half way there!


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I started my Whole30 on November 9, 2015. I didn't start a post when I started my Whole30. This is my second attempt, first failed at 5 days, and to be honest I didn't start a post thinking that I might fail again. Not a way to jump into this.


I wanted to complete a Whole30 for a whole bunch of reasons, not the least of which was to clear my skin, gain energy and kick my sugar habit. But the main motivator is to know that I CAN do it. That I can live like this without being a slave to terrible habits and cravings and to avoid the arthritis and diabetis spirals that many of my family members face.  


I have a wonderful husband who is not Whole30 but is WholeSupportive and 2 active little ones that are great eaters but are also not Whole30. I think I wanted to complete one myself before I tackled it with them so that I could figure out what works and what doesn't.


At day 15, So far so good! My skin is not clear but is certainly on the mend. I don't have boundless energy but I do have consisten energy thorought the day. My 5km time has improved with little effort. The biggest change for me so far has been the meal prep. I reall enjoy it. I spend most of Sunday afternoon in the kitchen with my meal plan and my 2 little sous chefs and we get the whole week prepped. I love being organized and taking the stress out of mornings before work and evenings on the way home. No more fast food, no more late dinners. Just calm(ish) family meals. It's been great. Not only is the food there to grab and go, but the process has reduced the stress level in our home. 2 birds and all that. :)  


Happy Whole30+ to everyone. Looking forward to the next 15 days and beyond.


We got this!!

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Right there with you on Day 15, Jenschu! Hooray for us! And best wishes to all November 9-ers!

I'm impressed by your organized food prep. Good for you!

I like to cook (and prep) in theory but I am keeping both very simple. Yesterday I clarified butter, hard boiled eggs, made a fritter, roasted chicken livers and made Greek salad.

I rely on things like broiling two of something (porkchops yesterday) and making two or three servings of vegetables and that becomes a meal the next day.

The course of true love, er, true food prep does not always run true . . . as I had the plastic lid of a large food container on the stove and didn't discover until it had melted into a puddle that the burner was still on from melting the butter. :-(

NSVs: more energy. More clarity. More patience. :-)

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