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Second whole30- can not get past day 6!


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Hey everyone!

So I successfully did my first whole30 in May. No slips, no cheating, and I felt great. I have now attempted my second round 7 times. 7! And each time I get to day 4, 5, or 6 and then absolutely can not go on. It's not "boredom"; the thought of anything compliant is actually repellant. I'm not pregnant or under any exceptional stress and I can not figure out why I hit a point and feel like I'd actually rather starve than eat a single egg/meat/vegetable/fat or any combination of said items. The thought is literally revolting.

What gives?? I REALLY want to do this again. I'm sick of feeling puffy and tired - and having done this once I know how great I can feel.

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The second go around can be honestly more difficult than the first.  Read this article to gain some more perspective and to realize - you are not alone in this.http://whole30.com/2015/02/second-whole30/


Why it might be harder: 

your reasons for doing it are different

you know what foods bother you and which ones don't because of the first round

the challenge is different

since you have don it before - you kind of feel - hey I got this!  This is old hat!  Except it really isn't.


I find the best way to approach this is to

Write down WHY you are choosing to do a whole 30 now.  What makes the reasons different from the last time you did a whole 30?

Relax - stop beating yourself up and take one meal at a time, one day at a time.


Maybe on day 7 you prepare yourself a super amazing meal. 

It also could be that your body is low on digestive enzymes - making it difficult to process certain foods - the symptoms for this can take various shapes and forms - including nausea

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