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Day 1 25 November, The Netherlands


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Hello, I started a day before you (24th) and it's nice to have someone in the same sort of time zone (I live on the island just a bit to your west!)

How is your day going? My day 2 was really bad with the "hangover" but today is a bit better. Less painful, except for something hovering near my head a bit, like I'm about to get a headache, but more tired.

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Hi to you all, NotCheese and Lauri, and SugarCubeOD!


Nice to read your replies. Sorry for my late reply to you guys. I thought there was no reply of anyone yet, thought I'd get notifications, but they did not come.


Anyway.. Hope you are doing well! My day 7 today went very well. Actually day 3 was the only time in the evening that I had a less easy time. The rest it doesn't feel like I am having a hard time at all. At least... until now haha!!


Lauri, maybe visiting the Netherlands in this time of year is not a very nice experience anyway... better to visit in the spring hen there is a chance of sunshine. It has been raining cats and dogs here for days now. Seems like the bad weather is here to stay.


And NotChees, yes it feels good to have someone "in the same time zone" like you put it so well. I would say non-American, but that sounds much unfriendlier than I mean it. Although I do feel some distance to some of the culture, like f.i. what's this fuss about pancakes and donuts anyway? Haha! Seems like a typical American thing to me. Or is that an English thing as well?


Do you guys also feel so much more "pure" than before you started? I guess the milk products gave a lot of phlegm in my body, but now it feels so much cleaner.


Hope to hear from you!

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Hi to you all, NotCheese and Lauri, and SugarCubeOD!


Nice to read your replies. Sorry for my late reply to you guys. I thought there was no reply of anyone yet, thought I'd get notifications, but they did not come.



You can change your settings to ensure you get notified when people reply to your posts. Up at the top of the page, there's a bar with your user name in it -- click on your name, then over to the right, there'll be a button that says Edit Profile, click that. On that page, there's a menu on the left, one of the options is Notification Options, go in there and make sure you check the Email option, especially under the Topics and Posts section.

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Hi Dutchesse!


Welcome and good for you on doing so well on your first week.  I am Canadian born with Dutch parents - so I realize the break up with cheese is pretty real.  I used to love cheese and dairy as well.  Favourite Cheese was spiced Gouda and Liedse kaas. (Dad is from Leiden)


You have to realize that the pancakes are not really the same as Pannenkoek.  Our pancakes are much thicker and smaller - and no one would ever dream of putting onions, bacon and mushrooms through them.  It's a much more "cake" for breakfast type of thing.  Just like muffins or donuts.  We get hooked on the "sweet" for breakfast at a pretty young age through sugar sweet cereals.  My favourite was always toast met hagelslaag.  That only happened when we had friends or family visiting from the Netherlands.


Unfortunately I am not in the time zone - but I can relate.  I have spent many a Kerst there growing up. But your weather is much milder than here! Although very wet and damp!





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Hello Carla!

How nice to read your message! Thank you so much for your  your sweet ( ;) ) and patient explanation of the cake-like substance of American (/Canadian) pancakes. And explaining that most of the children are growing up on sugar sweet cereals, yes... it starts to make more sense to me, why they talk so much about this "Sugar Dragon" thing...
I feel lucky that I don't really suffer from the sugar dragon. I've always been more attrackted towards the hearty stuff. Even though I did loooove a boterham with a thick layer of real butter and hagelslag, when I was younger :-)

It is so sweet to read those Duch words coming from a Canadian woman :-)

Are you doing the Whole30 now as well again?

I am really enjoying my new way of eating/dealing with food. There is so much that I am learning each day about overt habits, but also about unconscious habits too. I was amazed at discovering how much stress was actualy related to the actual eating/chewing/swallowing. Old memories of stressful situations at the dining table come back to my memory. Things I was told by caretaker about what I liked or did not like. What I should like or should not like... All made their imprints on me.

These observations shine great revealing lights on quite some acquired difficulties around food and eating. I feel blessed that I can work through those issues now, through this conscious eating. Creating a much healthier relationship with food and eating.
I really appreciate the psychodynamic work behind this program.



Anyway.. Going to end my day 8 now. Need some sleep!


Take care!


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Hi Cindy!


You're making me feel much better about the trip cancellation.  I'm hoping we can re-book in the spring and see some sunshine (and eat some Pannenkoek!).


To answer your question: YES!  I was just thinking last night that my "innads" feel much "cleaner" as part of this experience.  Even when I eat a lot of (complain) food, it feels as though it is just flowing smoothly through my body and the nutrients are being absorbed as needed.  I even find foods that used to cause bad breath don't anymore.




-Lauren (GGG)

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Hey Lauren,


I only just now saw you are from Korea! Was misguided by your name, assuming you would be American too. Wow... That's quite a distance !

I have never been to your country, although I have travelled extensively through South East Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines too..) but never (South) Korea. And when I look at my financial situation nowadays... it is mnot very likely that I will be travelng there any time soon now.. But Europe is great for traveling as well. So I am not complaining at all!


Great that you feel the benifits in that way too.. nutritions better absorbed... that is off course true as qwell! An extra facet of this wonderful eating style!

Thanks for sharing that!


Have a good day.....?? where are you now? I am in Day 9 now. Having lots of energy.


Bye bye!

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Goedemorgen Cindy (yes I know it's afternoon there... but it's morning where I am so I will go with that!)


I am not presently on a whole 30 - but I eat very close to a whole 30 most days.  I find I feel the best when I eat this way - so I just do.  My first whole 30 was Aug 2012.  I just recently wrapped up my 5th whole 30.  


I had many, many health issues that brought me here.  I am still learning new stuff and tweaking things as I go.  My tastes have changed a lot.


You are lucky living in the Netherlands because on average there is less "junk" than there is here.  One observation is - people go to a restaurant as a form of entertainment there - spend hours sharing, laughing, enjoying each others company and yes, eating.  Here, we go to a restaurant to eat.  We want to be in and out - there is no 3 -4 hour meals here - well there are - but these are usually the more expensive restaurants.  Even restaurants want quick "turnover".  They would prefer you not take your time - as they want to fill your seat with yet another group or family.


So happy you are figuring things out and you are feeling good!  


Your comment about memories of people commenting on what you should like and should not like - I had family members who did this too.  Made me extremely self conscious for many, many years..... These same people now comment on how "healthy" I look. 

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Hi Carla,


Evening hera already. Another Whole30 day flew by like a breeze. I am almost waiting for some difficultie to hit me any time now. But until now it is actually more like a stroll in the park. Just love the good healthy food, love the fact that finally I am eating just as much as I want to, am starting to let go of fears of "too much" or "not good".. I just eat whatever I like (obviously nothing of the no-go-list) and am enjoying it so much to have no hunger/cravings whatsoever throughout the day.

Today I asked my mother, who was visiting me, to take my pictures. And it's amazing, I am already seeing difference in my body. Less "puffy" especially beneath the bra-zone, my waiste. I am getting my waiste back ha ha!

But I also see it in my face. I am not as puffy there as well. My swimming goggles don't leave as deep a mark when I finish swimming. I really think it must be the lack of milk (used to drink at least 4 cups of cappucino a day, lots of chees.. you know.. the Dutch way haha). Or do you think grains/bread can also have such an effect like puffiness/oedema?


Talking about ailnesses.. I am suffering from many different things myself. Actually I have been quite annoyed and disappointed about that, because I always thought I ate / lived quite healthy before... Anyway, one of the things I have is fibromyalgia, since a few years. And maybe it is too early to be so happy about it, but really, it feels already since day 3 or 4 as if I am not being as stiff and painful in the mornings as usual, when I get up from my bed. But let's wait with shouting from the rooftops till it's day 30 ;-)


If you don't mind me asking you, would you mind sharing some of your own improvements/illness related progresses? Obviously you must benifit from this very much, seeing you just finished your FIFTH whole30? I think that is just absolutely geweldig :) !!


Wishing you a good day!

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PS Carla, thanks for sharing about your own experience with family pressure around food. It must feel good to be able to trust yourself and your own taste now. And to see and feel the result of YOUR choices.


And it's nice (although hopefully not a necessaty for your feeling of self-worth) that these same people now acknowledge you and your way or at least see how healthy you look.

Bye for now!

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So happy to hear that your fibromyalgia is doing better.  I know fibro can be extremely uncomfortable and painful.


I came to the whole 30 because it made a lot of sense.  But basically I wanted to find a "cure" for migraines. I was also tired all the time, had no energy, was depressed (not diagnosed), and basically felt lousy all the time.


The migraines that I have are the menstrual variety - they are directly correlated to my menstrual cycle.  So it was a symptom that my hormones were completely out of order. The migraines would last for 3 to 5 days.  In those days I would not eat (I would throw up) and I could not function. And I would get them once a month.  Sometimes twice a month if I was lucky  ;) .  I am still not 100% migraine free (menstrual migraines are apparently a very difficult one to treat) but I am definitely better.  I have to eat 100% whole 30 all the time in order to avoid a migraine.  Sugar, grains, and heavy spices (think cumin, cinnamon, paprika) are basically my culprits.  Avoiding grains isn't a problem but sugar always will eventually sneak in and I do like spice - so I will have them from time to time as well.

Along with the menstrual migraines I used to have severe PMS symptoms as well.  So I basically felt horribly for 10 days to 2 weeks out of every month.  Now I barely know the day before my period is going to hit.  It's a beautiful thing. :wub:


I also have multiple autoimmune skin conditions: eczema (have had it all my life), rosacea, psoriasis, and something called hidradenitis suppurativa - basically it's a skin condition where you get boils along your bikini line, underarms, under breasts, and along your hairline. It is extremely uncomfortable and painful. And I have been told everything from - I need to wash myself better - to this cream should help you - and nothing ever helped.  However, I found out really fast that dairy (specifically cheese) gave me this.  I was overjoyed to find out that within 10 days of my first whole 30 I had no new breakouts. And by the end it had completely cleared.  Rosacea is caused by wheat and bad seed oils, psoriasis is caused by raw tomatoes and peppers, and eczema is all things dairy.


My sleep is fantastic - whereas I was suffering borderline insomnia before.


I have energy throughout the day - no more 3 pm crashes or 7 pm crashes.


I have discovered that soy makes me an angry, emotional wreck.  Mix sugar with that soy and I know why I was depressed all the time.


I also lost 35lbs over the course of 7 months by sticking to paleo type eating after my whole 30 was complete. The weight loss - although I have always battled my weight - was just a nice bonus.  I was far more excited about my non-scale victories.  I would honestly like to continue to lose weight but my body seems to be happy and I seem to be mentally stable on where I am.  I no longer use a scale as my guide to health.  


I have also discovered through this that I am an all or nothing type of personality.  I don't do "moderation" well.  I am slowly learning moderation based on how foods make me feel, rather than - I want it so I am just going to eat it.


Sorry this was a rather long post!!!

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Hey Carla,


No, no apologies at all! I am happy, feel priveliged to receive your mail! All these things you share with me. Thank you!


Sorry I was off line for a while. My best friend has just last week had a mastectomy (which is really an impactful event), and I am one of the people who takes care of her; doing her groceries, cooking etc.. I was with her almost this whole weekend. She did like my Whole30 coocking, though! And yesterday I had a friend for diner here at my ownn place, and he enjoyed the food as well. Actually my mum, when she visited, she also joined me in the Whole30 breaksfast, lunch and diner. Loved it as well. But well, it's actually no surprise, since it just siumply is delicious to eat good food.


You indeed have had quite a list of medical issues to tackle.. But it's wonderful how you been able to deal with it, and it is great how you have been able to differentiate which ailment is actually caused by which kind of food. Wonderful how you took your life into your own hands..! respect. And loosing 35 lbs (that would be like 17 kilo's right?) is a real achievement. Good for you!


You know, the day/evening before I discovered Whole30 (on internet), I was eating with two friends, and was complaining about all my medical issues. Then my (really skinny and vegetarian) friend said: "Why don't you try a diet? It has helped me a lot!" My immediate, knee-jerk response was: "NO! I HATE diets! I don't believe in diets."
That reactivity was because I was "allergic" to the tiranny of all sorts of self proclaimed "food-exeperts", I really think those ultra strict vegans can't really be taken seriously.. Somehow I believe that when one does something like that to themselves, they must have some self-aggression-issues going on. Even so I also do not appreciate the harshness of those strict macrobiotic diets (dear lord, where is the FUN of eating?). I wanted to stay as clear as possible from all strict self-proclaiemed and self-kicking would-be food-experts. :D  My goodness, I have had some real big judgements going on haha!
So.. as you see, I was in complete resistance against the thought of changing my food-habits. Off course this resistance was fed by fear. Fear of having to give up my oh so precious freedom to.. eat whatever I like.  :P 


Yet still, while lying in bed that night, her words stayed stuck in my head and I thought: Ah what the hell.. I just simply MUST do something about my deteriorating health and my inexplicable weight gain. I cannot stand this any longer! So I reached for my iPad and started searching on the net on fibromyalgia and food, and I guess the first thing that I came across was this Whole30. And it sounded actually really well-thought. And funny too. And as a good programme to me. Not just a diet. Reading on their website, is how I was turned from a big NO into a big yes. Almost overnight. Well.. almost... It still took me about 4 days before I really got started, because I wanted the book (which took 3 days to be delivered.) and to prepare etc..

The rest is .. 13 Days of history :-)



I am also already very curious to go experimenting myself after my whole30 - like you have done yourself very obviously and very successfully as well!! I also want to find out for my body which foods do me harm and which don't.

Your comment on the soya has taken me by unpleasant surprise.. Because I really do love the taste of soy sauce (the Japanese style, you know?) and oyster sauce, because I love Thai food and Vietnamese food... And I thought that would be one of the first things for me to add to my diet after the WHole30.. but now.. I don't know yet... But I will do it gently, I guess.

Any suggestions? I was thinking adding/trying one food-thing per week, and then see what the effect of that is. And then the next week i would try another kind of food to see tit's effect.  How did you check your tolerance?



And at this moment it feels like I do not really want to add milk products again into my diet after the whole30. Not even cheese haha!! :o  Am I still Dutch then??? ;)  However bread and pasta also really do not appeal to me anymore. The difference I notice in my belly betrween eating meatballs in Bolognese sauce without or with the pastai is just immense! I always felt so bloated after a spaghetti Bolognese... But now, without the pasta, it is simply a very satisfying meal, no bloating, no stuffed feeling whatsoever. I would never have beieved that these foods would have such an impact on how I feel. But now I know, from my own experience.

And I am really grateful for it!



Oh and I am still not having any trouble at all sticking to the plan. No sugar dragon. No issue at all. It's not really going according to the Time Line, however funny that one is! And great too, because it has made me prepare for some real difficut times. Which did not come. Maybe because of this being prepared for it?

Partly also because I have been eating always real food, and never really resorted to junk food or lots of sugar anyways.

But who knows, my hard time might yet be to come.

Will keep you posted!


Bye for now!

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I sincerely hope your friend is doing well - that is a big event for sure!  (my life has been overfilled with big events this year - so I completely understand!) I hope she recovers well etc. You are such a good friend to her for helping out!  


The food is soooooo delcious! There is no reason why anyone should not enjoy whole 30 food.  


I am like you and I previously sworn off diets - actually I kind of gave up for a while and ate whatever and whenever - that's when I got really sick.  And yes I too was sick and tired of being sick and tired. But I did have a history of dieting prior to me giving up.  I think I really messed myself up with it too.


I am happy that you found the whole 30 - it is so not a diet.  Diet focuses mainly on weight loss - this focuses in on health.  And that is why the program is so excellent!  Also you learn about what fits best for you.  Best way to re-intro food is reintro a certain food on day 1(after whole 30) So let's say you want to eat beans and legumes.  So maybe have Pinda kaas at breakfast, chickpeas with lunch in a salad, and some beans in a chili at dinner.  Then eat whole 30 style for the next 2 days and see if you have results. Then re-intro your next item which could be dairy.  


I too love Asian cuisine.  I love Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese  cuisine.  It is possible to create Asian inspired dishes without soy sauce. Google:  Nom nom Paleo, and Well Fed.  These are both bloggers who create whole 30 food recipes.  There is a soy sauce replacement called Coconut aminos - it's made with the sap of the coconut tree.  Also Fish sauce (here it's hard to find one without sugar in it - but not sure about NL) both of these elements will help in the making of Asian inspired foods.


A note about soy - I seem to be ok with fermented soy products - so miso, and soy sauce seem to be ok.  Not something I want to eat on a regular basis - but definitely one that I can have once in a while.

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Hey dear Carla,


Yes, she is very precious to me as a friend. We have just recently, 1st of September, celebrated our 25th anniversay of friendship! We had met at the Polytechnical School where we both studied chemical engineering. The celebration was absolutely sweet. We almost felt as if we were a married couple :D  Amazing how strong our friendship has grown throughout the years. Much stronger than all of our love relationships we had with men..  :unsure::wacko:  But let's not start that topic .... :D  ;)  (just kidding) 


Good to read you have not much trouble with the fermented soy sauce. I checked, and I could buy this Coco aminos online. It's actually rather expensive, $ 9,10 for a little bottle..  :o  (especially with transportation costs that come on top of it as well). So I wonder what it would taste like.. Is it really like soya sauce? And do you like it? Off course it is always a matter of taste..


Thank you too for the suggestions on how to re-introduce foods after my 30 days. We'll see how that goes when that day comes. Stil > 2 more weeks to go :-) It's only Day 14 today ^_^


Just a little fun thing I wanted toshare with you: Today I went to my Rebalaning masseuse. It was my third time with her in a few weeks. She said she could really see the big difference this Whole30 has already made for me: less puffiness (edema) in my face. I was so happy when she said that. Because I had noticed it myself as well, but I thought: nobody will notice.
It is in a way really good news off course, however, becoming "thinner" and losing these excess fluids under my skin, also makes my face look a little bit older now. :(   Well, that is the only downside of this game.. Overall I feel much better and healthier! :)


Need to get some sleep now. Another fabulous day in the box!


Take care! Tot later. Groetjes! ;)

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Yes! I have a couple friendships like that as well. We are not as close as we used to be - but we are still fairly close.  It doesn't help that I am now 3 - 6 hours away from them either.


Coconut aminos are expensive here as well.  But consider it is $9.10 Euros - that IS expensive.  It about $8.95 to $11.99 here but that is CDN dollars.  I usually buy online as well when it's on sale.  I usually buy a few bottles at a time.  Does it taste like Soy Sauce ? - if you are comparing it to Kejap Manis - no it's not the same.  Even soy sauce here is not the same as Kejap Manis.  But if you are comparing it to something like Kikkoman brand - it's less salty and slightly sweeter. But it does a good job as an alternative to soy sauce.


That is good news!!! Keep up the good work!  


Are you consuming any bone broth?  Bone broth is very good for your skin, nails and teeth.  Because I have so many skin issues I have found it extremely helpful with the healing of my skin.  Not sure if it will help with looking younger - but might be worth a try?


Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water - recommendation is half you body weight in ounces.  So a 68 kilo person would need to drink approximately 2.2 litres of water a day.

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Wow Carla thanks for all that information! And you even converted them into metric system.. Thank you so much.

And the estimate was great as well.. Although I am still a bit more heavy than 68 kg, I weigh currently about 72 kg. Until about two years ago, I used te be around 62, 63.... sometimes a bit up, sometimes a bit lower.. But then 'all of a sudden' (read: end of relationship, onset of fibromyalgia, less exercises due to lots of pains.. etc)  I started gaining weight. And in 1,5 years I peaked up to 76. That's when I thought: Oh my God I really need to do something! Then my weight fluctuated for about a year between 76 and 71 kg. But never again under the 70 kg.. I hope that I will manage to get "back in a way, closer to 63 than to 72.. Hope that eating Whole30 compliamt will help me reach that again.

But.. if it doesn't then I will have to setle for that. You wrote earlier that you body weight has plateaued somewhere as well, if I remember correctly? Maybe a body indeed has a prefered weight. And maybe it is 70 kg for me. I will accept that whenever that is the case. Meaning: If eating Whole30 compliamt stops being effective in reducing my weight, that will then probably be my ideal weight.

I do swim 2 to 3 times a week, walk, sometimes jogging too.. I practice my own yoga at home at times, just as Qi Gong exercises sometimes. I am just not a gym type of person. Prefer to be outdoors and walking / running through the forests.


Wow you really know your "Dutch" foods.. So funny to see you write about Ketjap (or kecap as they write in Indonesia) As far as I know, it is not very well known outside of Holland. At least, Belgium and Germany have no clue about that stuff. It's off course the old ties between indonesia and Netherlands..
However, myself I did not use it very often. So yes, I did mean Coco aminos compared to Kikkoman soy sauce. Thanks for that info. It is very helpful! I willl buy a bottle for the remaining 15 days. Maybe I will like it that much that I won't go back to Kikkoman at all. Who knows?


What a pitty to live so far from your friends... You live now in Montreal.. Where did you live before?



Proost, I am going to drink my water now. I'll make it 2,5 liters per day...

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Technically Canada is supposed to be metric - and we are in terms of distance - but somehow weight is always given in pounds yet.  Because my dad lives in NL yet I am reminded fairly often to give him information in kilos and not pounds.  


Embarrassingly enough I am still quite a bit heavier than I'd like to be. (104 kgs - I am 175 cm - so I think average female height for NL?) However I am sure there are some other underlying health reasons on why the scales doesn't budge much.  I eat well.  I feel good. I am not depressed, I have lots of energy, I am reasonably active - although I would like to be more so.  Visually I look okay - I look healthy.  My body just likes it here.  


Many years ago I lost around the same amount of weight 17 kgs (starting weight was around the weight I am now) And I was as small as I was in High school.  But I was eating 900 to 1200 calories a day, I was hungry - All. The. Time. and I lost a LOT of muscle.  Because I was so hungry, I didn't exercise as I was not allowed to eat more (as per diet plan), and frankly I didn't have the energy to.  I feel so much better now.  And I will even say I look better too.  I have more muscle tone, and I look somehow leaner - I cannot explain it. I know I have very little inflammation or puffiness now.


My favourite uncle was Indonesian (married to my dad's oldest sister) - so there was a lot of influence there.  My mom also insists on buying Ketjap (she get's at The Holland Store - and yes there is a store named that in Toronto) :lol: Please also note that my most favourite comfort food in the world is still Boerenkool met Worst. I would still eat it except I cannot find compliant Woorst here.  :(


I used to live in Ontario. Approximately 3/4 North of Toronto.  I still visit there on a regular basis - my mom and my brother and family live there.  I moved here 10 years ago to be closer to my guy  :wub: .  

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Hello Carla,



It's been a while since I wrote. It have been busy days and lots has happened in meantime. I had painters over at my house for days (tomorrow they will be ready I hope), and ahd some health issues myself. But then also we found out that my dad has prostate cancer. He is taking it all very lightheartedly, or so it seems.. Myself I am actually amazed at how little it is impacting my sense of peace.. Maybe it's because it is still undecided what kind of treatment they will allow him to have. He wants this new "Da Vinci" method (robot micro-surgery) but that is (In Holland) only allowed for men up to 70 years old.. My dad is already 77. Otherwise he will have to get lots of radiation, which will be very bad for him, I am afraid.

So it's a bit strange times, all in all.


But as for my Whole30, it hasn't suffered at all, fortunately. I never budged from the plan - well... eating-wise. There is one rule I have broken already a few times; stepping on the scale...


Talking about scales... I am really surprized that your weight is apparently "stuck", while you are such a consistent Whole30-all-year-rounder, as I have understood from your mails? But mostly I am sorry and feel touched to read that you wrote "embarrasingly enough". Because I don't think you should be embarrassed of anything at all! Absolutely not!! In my school we say that is your Inner Critic talking judgemental at you.


But at the same time I know how insisting that inner critic can get.. I mean, myself too, I also want to get back to the weight I used to be.. My inner critic says I should be at least 8 kilo's lighter than I am now. And my inner critic is very rude about my figure..
So this is the only thing that I did not comply to the Whole 30 programme; I did step on the scale. But also I did find out that indeed that scale says other things then what I feel about myself. I felt soooo incredibly good, and light... and yet my scale said "Still 71 kg!!". And I thought it would be really under that magical 70. But I wasn't. I learned then that indeed my scale is not my friend. It is an extension of my inner critic. And it is quite an addictive pattern too. I have stepped on the scale many times now during the Whole 30. I thik at least 4 times.. :unsure: . I think this is my biggest issue to conquer. The so-called importance of that number on the scale. That idealized body-image that I so dearly want to attain..

But my sense of health did not get devalued by it fortunately! I still feel evry healthy. Although my hope to loose all of my "excess" weight through this programme is a bit down the drain now.. I hoped to get back to 63 kg. But that will not be possible I am afraid.

So.. it will be best I I would adjust to this new equilibrium my body apparently has found. It also seems to want to be -and stay- here at the 71 kg... I will have to really let go of all my nice pairs of jeans I could wear only two years ago :(


Anyway. I am happy to read you are not doing tha hunger-diet thing anymore.

And wow.. you moved for the Love! How wonderful! Do you and you guy have children?

Myself I am single, and currently looking for a relationship through internet dating. But it is not really fun to be honest... Tomorrow I will have a first date with a guy from the other side of the country :o , in Voorburg, close to Den Haag, which is only 1,5 hours drive from my home town, but for us Dutch people it is SOOOO FAR AWAY!!! haha! :D You probably laugh hard about those distances, don't you?


Well, I am going to close my 23rd day.. It has been a very good one, again.


Is there any chance of you coming to visit Holland in the near future? I really think it would be lovely to meet you then :)



Take care!


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Very sorry to hear about your dad's diagnoses .  However these days with all the technical advances in medicine - he should be in good hands.


Stay off the scale - really it does you no favours - it does not tell you how strong you are, how great of a friend you are, or even how healthy you are.  It just gives you a number that you weigh.  That's it.  Hide it or smash it if you need to - seriously.


Some days I am completely at peace with my number on the scale - honestly I really and truly don't know what that number is as I have not stepped on the scale in a really long time. I know stress will play a huge factor for me as I know I tend to hold onto weight when I am stressed. (last year was a hard year for me)  The number really isn't all that embarrassing for me - I have always had a high number on the scale - and I have never looked the actual weight that I am.  We are told through so many different avenues that a number so high I *should* be embarrassed.  When you did give your number I did get self conscious.  But that has since passed again.  


In my own journey I have completely accepted that I am never going to be *the ideal weight* that the media (and Dr's!) say i should be.  I am never going to be a size 6 or 8 (If were to become this size I would have some serious health issues going on) I am not built that way.  


I am working on sorting out all my puzzle pieces - I believe I may have some more underlying health issues and that is why I cannot drop any weight. But right now I focus in on my glowing skin, my steady constant energy, and I just feel good.  The scale does not really matter all that much any more.


The thing is to realize that the whole 30 is not a weight loss program - it is to get your body to a healthy place.  If your body feels safe, and it feels the need to lose weight - it will.  However if you are not eating enough - your weight loss may stall as well.


Yes. We have been together for 13 years.   :wub:  We do not have any children tho.. I do have a few nephews - so I get to spoil them regularly.  :)


Distances - ha -  yeah.  In Europe you drive 5 hours and you can potentially have crossed 3 or 4 countries.  In Canada, 5 hours does not even cross one province ;) with the exception of Prince Edward Island. 


One thing that I really like in NL is the ability to bike everywhere.  Go grocery shopping - go on the bike, go visit a friend - go on the bike, Visit the next town over - go on a bike.  We don't have that here.  Now Montreal is considered a  bike friendly city by North American standards - but it's nothing compared to NL.


Yes Arnhem to Den Hague is a bit of a drive isn't it?  When we used to stay over Christmas time, we would very often stay at my great uncle's condo in Bergen aan Zee. Ditchtbij Alkmaar.  We would very often travel to my mom's home town of Dedemsvaart - ditchtbij Zwolle. That too was a long drive.


I am not sure when I will be coming to Holland again - but it would be nice to meet at some point.  I will PM you with my email address.






PS - have a good date tomorrow!

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