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Too Much Goodness for Audible


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There is a pdf of some of the charts -- this article mentions where to look for it, it's something that should have been downloaded along with the audio file.

From that link:

"Finally, rest assured that you won’t miss out on any of the content of It Starts With Food if you purchase the audiobook format. If you purchase through Audible or iTunes, we’ve made the content that didn’t translate well into audiobook format (like charts and graphs, some illustrations, the Meal Map and recipes, our resources, and scientific references) available as a free PDF download with your purchase. You’ll find these PDFs in your Audible or iTunes libraries when you buy the book, but note that you may find it in your iTunes music library instead of your books. (Weird, but sometimes that happens.)"

Therealbrookebeauty, please note this isn't a transcript of the audiobook but is more like an appendix with the visuals.

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