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Started today 11/30/15 Food and feelings log


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I intend to write about food in my log but mainly about feelings surrounding this challenge. I never thought I was an emotional eater but in prepping for this whole 30 I am starting to think maybe I am. I would like to work through some of that. I do know that when I am having particularly difficult days at work I reach for sweets ex: I'll get a starbucks chai latte or a cookie. This is sort of a new thing. I don't like it and I am seeing the connection between needing a "break"/ "treat". I have two little girls and make them beautiful healthy food 99% of the time but have sort of thrown myself by the wayside. I'm not really sure how that happened.

I have done paleo challenge in the past but didn't complete it- I was in the early stages of pregnancy and just couldn't do it. So my confidence is not so great but I am committed.

Day 1: So far 2 meals down and I'm feeling good. lol

b: 3 eggs cooked on coconut oil, roasted squash and mushrooms with evoo.

l: spinach salad with grilled chicken, bell pepper, tomato, celery, carrots, and evoo and balsamic vinegar. berries

d: roasted squash leftovers and hard boiled egg, sunflower seed butter, apples

Things that have irked me as I prepped for this challenge: I'm terrified of not being able to drink coffee and I never thought I had a caffeine addiction. I wondered as I lay in bed last night if I was going to be ok throughout my day at work. (Mondays are my longest most demanding day) I also realize that starting this for the holiday month of December is tricky but I am committed. I hope this log and the community keeps me connected.

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So I'm not really great at keeping this log but oh well... Today is day 12 for me and I feel really good! I went MIA because honestly any spare time feels like it's spent in the kitchen cooking, prepping or cleaning up for this thing. I have never eaten so many veggies or washed so many dishes in my life.

A quick wrap up of how I have been feeling:

Day 3- I had a migraine headache which really sucked, I was sweaty, felt like I was going to puke. Luckily it started at the end of my day on the commute home and I survived. i am guessing this was my bidy detoxig from sugar/ carbs?? Woke up feeling great the following day.

Day 5- Been satiated with the 3 meals and only indulged in few snacks ( apple/almond butter). This is huge for me. I am a grazer and I realize 3 big meals works better. It's a ton more work and planning but I also realze that I have been depriving myself and not making this part of self care. I have been feeling more alert and alive at work- love it.

Day 7- I sort of felt depressed this day but I think it's because my husband isn't doing this with me and I wished he was. He has remarked about how great I looked and he notices things like my, skin is glowy, hair looks more shiny, and he notices my energy levels and mood being way higher. This is all good and I feel it too. He is not willing to commit to this for 30 days and I k now he would feel better which makes me a little sad. He's not someone who struggles with body image like I do but he has a terrible sugar problem and he knows that.

I should say I have been mostly eating some version of the following

b: 3 eggs cooked in ghee, spinach, berries ( not daily)

l: chicken, tons of greens with veggies and avocado, dressing made from herbs/evoo/apple cider vinegar

d:sausage or chicken or ground meat with kale/green beans avocado. Cooking in ghee and coconut oil.

-I discovered coconut butter and OMG it's insanely delicious. I have only had it twice and I boight these individual size little packs and have incorporated during lunch to get my all the way home through my long commute. heaven.

Challenges have been not licking the knife when I make my kids sunbutter/jelly sandwhiches, not having a bitr of their mac and cheese, not stress eating some of their cheddar bunnies when they are having snack and driving me insane. :) I defintely am aware of wanting to reach for something when I am feeling stressed. This could be an apple or something not on plan n the past but the awareness has been great . I didn't categorize myself as someone who's an emotional eater. It's starting to feel more in control but I even think i should continue past the 30 days and i'm not even half way through.

I also noticed a day of major soreness after my workouts - more so than normal in that first week. I'm not an athlete by any means- I do try to workout 4x times a wk hot vinyasa x2, a hip hop dance class, hike with my dog. Hiking with Jackson has been awesome. I think it's helped me remain calm suring this period with other personal stressful things happening.

Day 12 - today- feeling great despite being sleep depreived from kiddos. developmental milestones, nightime fears.. I'm tired but I have way more energy that I ever thought I would without coffee in my life. So far so good.

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