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We love Whole30


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My family and I did a test run of whole30 2 weeks before thanksgiving and we loved it. My husband, son, daughter,and myself felt are pants looser. Then with a busy schedule we kinda fell off the wagon. Now that Thanksgiving is over we started back on whole30 and we couldn't be happier. Every recipe we have made we have liked. I got my kids (10 & 8) helping my salad dressings and they absolutely LOVE it! We went through all the cabinets, fridge, and freezer and read the labels and tossed out everything that wasn't whole30 approved. (We donated the food to a local shelter) We went shopping as a family and the kids had a blast reading the labels to see what we can have. I have made it a game. The kid who finds the most products that's whole30 approved gets to pick dinner or something else. I really wish I would of done this sooner.

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