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Starting Whole30 40 days before a Marathon


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Hi Everyone!


I'm sure similar topics have been posted a lot, but I wanted to put out my personal issue to try and get some advice/input.


I'm running a full marathon on Feb. 14 and am doing my second round of Whole30 starting Jan 4.  During the Whole30 time frame, my training plan has me running 176 miles, so I am pretty nervous about not getting enough hearty carbs to give me energy to get through the day and through my runs.  I did my first Whole30 in September, and didn't necessarily feel tired on my runs, but as soon as I was having rice and quinoa again, my pace improved by about a mile a minute.


I'm very confident that I can follow the rules -- my first time, I was very strict and to my knowledge, never broke a Whole30 guideline.  This time, I'm thinking about allowing myself brown rice and quinoa to eat, mainly on nights before long runs. (I have several 10 miles or over, one 20 mile run and one 23 mile run).  I guess that would mean this whole30 would be less about a big "cleanse" and more about my relationship with food (which I'm fine with), although I'm sure the benefits would still be pretty great.


Does anybody have any thoughts?





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A few questions to help answer you. Why are you wanting to do another whole30? I mean, what are the benefits you seek? I'm an ultra runner, happy to answer once I know what you're looking for this time around by doing whole30. If you're planning to "allow" yourself off plan foods, then it's not the whole30 you're looking for.

Lol I just had a Star Wars quote go thru my head. Obi Wan saying "these are not the droids you are looking for" hahaha! Sorry. :)

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Yeah, if you eat any off-plan foods, it's not a Whole30: it's your own plan.


There isn't any reason to get your carbs from brown rice and quinoa when you can get them from carb-dense vegetables.

If you really want to do a true Whole30 and get optimal benefits from doing so, take a look at ultrarunnergirl's blog for ideas and inspiration. She's another moderator here.

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