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2 marathons every week for a year straight???

great....  i never thought about it that way.....  now it seems more intimidating.


I made 2015 in 2015 my goal for this year.  I almost made it (I refuse to say I failed).  By the end of the week, I will be about 100-125 miles short of the goal.  There have been a lot of challenges over the last few months that got me behind.  But, I know I can do it!  It is on my bucket list too - so I might as well try to get it done before the miles really add up (imagine 2065 in 2065....)

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I average 6-8 miles a day each work day, so I'm in!

Jess - I have some really busy days at work too...  despite the fact that my unit used to be a storage closet :)  It is literally 25 paces long.  I amaze myself sometimes when I hit high mileage (although my feet aren't so amazed).

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Not bad for the day after some serious fuckery! (I love that word, sorry if anyone is offended!)


So, anyone out there with the 2015 version like me who is using the software?  Why does it take so long for the numbers to go back to zero after you blow?  And have you noticed if you blow again before it has returned to zero, you get SUPER high readings.  I don't remember seeing anywhere in the directions that you need to let the values return to zero.  Just that the light has to be blue and not blinking, which it is even if there's still a number value reading on the software.  And that would really mess up people just using the "plug and blow" method of testing.  Hmmmmm.....  I can post some screen shots if anyone wants.  This little device is making me feel like a luddite LOL


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Jess, as you know, I have the Dino version -- but it does say in the paperwork and all over the website (I believe) that you will not get valid readings if you are doing them back-to-back like that. It takes awhile for it to clear out. Mine says to leave it plugged in for a minute or so after reading, to help with this.

Karen -- no way -- my fitbit buddy list is WAY too full! :D haha... Karen is my only friend. If you want to add me, please send a PM. :)

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I've forgotten to update -- for anyone who is just dying to know the state of the cyst on my face.  


The swelling started to go down pretty much immediately, upon the removal of dairy.  I cut it completely out on 12/7 and I was messaging Carla on 12/16 telling her it was almost completely flat again.  No more itching or hurting.


I don't think it will ever go away completely -- it's like a little built-in indicator now.  "Hey, guess what?  We're inflamed, here!"


I like it.  So useful.   :D


What's more interesting is that I made a list of symptoms on my phone that I was experiencing at the time I removed dairy.  I like to make these notes of things -- no matter how small -- so I can go back later and really compare.   I just took a look at that list for the first time since 12/7 -- and I see that all NINE of the things I typed out are pretty much gone, now.   ...No, really.  I don't make this stuff up...


I think dairy has no place in my daily life.  I think I already knew this, but for some reason I had conveniently forgotten.


The other thing I wanted to observe was whether consuming the dairy was affecting my fasting blood glucose and ketones.  The difference is slight... but it does appear that my instincts were correct on this one, too.


FBG before dairy removal:  ranging from 81-109, with an average of 94.


FBG after dairy removal:  ranging from 78-103, with an average of 90.


Ketones before dairy removal:  ranging from 1-8 green, with an average of 5 green.


Ketones after dairy removal:  ranging from 4 green - 4 yellow, with an average of 8 green.




At any rate -- the bottom line for me is that dairy just does not fall into the "worth it" category.  I don't think I need to be crazy vigilant about it -- I had some cheese in my mom's salad yesterday (along with some peas that I would have rather not had).  But I will continue to not buy it to have here for myself or the family.  I think we are all better off.


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I don't think it will ever go away completely -- it's like a little built-in indicator now.  "Hey, guess what?  We're inflamed, here!"


I like it.  So useful.   :D


That's really cool and interesting!!!  I'm glad it's better.


I, for the first time since starting Whole30 on October 17th, completely lost it and fell off the wagon yesterday.  I was at work, it was late in the day, and I was basically bored (the unit I was assigned had only 4 patients on it), and looking to make myself feel better.  (Sad, I know, but at least I'm aware of it).  I started getting a craving for graham crackers and milk (my old afternoon snack) that became overwhelming, and I gave in.  And I had a LOT.  And it was not controlled, rational OR worth it.  


Now I feel extremely bloated and have a tummy ache.  And a headache.  And congestion.  Which i am glad I do, because it means my decision to not have these things for over two months straight was a GOOD decision.  But I also feel terrible that I truly failed yesterday.  


Back in the saddle.  One foot in front of the other.  Onward and upward.  Or whatever other platitude I can put here lol

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I just feel it is TIME.  It is needed.  These things that slowly creep back in after a Whole 30 -- dairy, super dark chocolate, alcohol, corn tortilla chips, gluten-free baked goods...  They need to be gone for awhile, so I can remember what it feels like to feel REALLY good again.  And it starts today.   :)



^ Just reflecting back to where I was at this time last year.  


Happy to say that the dairy, tortilla chips, gluten-free baked goods (and popcorn -- I know we'd been to the movies and I had loaded up on popcorn) are no longer an issue.


I've decided the super dark chocolate is worth it.  And Dr. Perlmutter approves.   :lol:


...He also approves of some red wine...  which we all know I have decided is NOT worth it -- under any circumstances.  


Silver tequila with plain sparkling water is worth it.  I have this occasionally, and I stick to my own personal limit.  I don't drink on an empty stomach, and I don't drink when I am sad or angry.


Overall, it's been a good year, and I have made a lot of progress.  Looking forward to another year of discoveries!

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when I am sad or angry


I just sat here and thought about this for awhile, and realized that I almost never feel sad or angry anymore.


The last time I remember feeling sad and angry was October.  I remember how I felt quite clearly -- and now it feels like looking back on a different person.


I cannot explain how much the ups and the downs with my blood sugar affect my mood.  I cannot explain how sensitive I am -- yes, even to things like potatoes.


I feel so much better, and I am so thankful.

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But I also feel terrible that I truly failed yesterday. 





No, you didn't.


You had a momentary hiccup that you have learned from, and you have strengthened your resolve.


You now associate the milk & graham crackers with feeling like utter crap -- and you have decided that they are not worth it.


Sometimes we need reminders like this along our journey, so we can remember why we are here.  You pick back up where you left off, you feed yourself LOTS and LOTS of fat ...  Drink plenty of water ...  And be kind to yourself.  You've made a ton of progress, and there is no way you're going to let something like this get you down.

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And, because I haven't posted a day of food for awhile ~ since littleg was curious what it looks like to be keto and no dairy ~ I decided to do this today just for fun.  


This day is different than the last time I did this because 1) my husband is home and we are "on Christmas break" and 2) we don't have any classes or anything we have to go to today.






1 egg

2 egg yolks

half can of tuna

lots of spinach

lots of coconut oil

loaded with homemade mayo

2 brazil nuts

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