Help! How to reintroduce alcohol?

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I have read the alcohol manifesto and am reading through "it starts with food" and I've been searching through other Q&A's and still can't find an answer. When/how does alcohol reintroduction go? I'm assuming it's not supposed to be mixed with other food introduction? And should we start with just red wine one day, then just tequila, then alcohol that has grain in it? To see if we have different reactions to different alcohol? Would we need a full 2 days of Whole30 in between?

My husband was looking forward to dairy reintroduction day for cheese and wine...but I don't think that is how we are supposed to do it?

From the forums I've read a large majority is looking forward to that glass of day 1 reintroduction simply just alcohol?

Thank you!

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Because you may respond very differently to red wine, beer, or tequila, you need to test them separately to get the clearest information. That also means that combining a drink with another off-plan food will hide information from you. For instance, if you consume wine and cheese together and have problems, you won't know if it was the wine, the cheese, or both. 

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If you're one of those people looking forward to a glass of wine, then sure, you could make your day 1 reintro wine.  And yes, I would follow the same protocol: make the wine the only off plan food you have that day, leaving all else Whole30 compliant, and then resume 2 days of 100% Whole30 eating before you reintroduce your next off-plan food/drink.


Reintro cheese on its own day, as Tom suggested.

If you're going to reintro beer, you may want to reintroduce gluten first on its own, to see if you have a reaction to that.  

Note that once you reintroduce an off-plan food, the guidance is to not have that food again until all your reintroductions are complete.

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