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Steering clear of the slippery slope called sugar. (Sari's Post-Whole30 Log)


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I love a good alliteration. 


Nobody may read this, because I haven't been active nor have I logged either of my two Whole30's on here (only joined afterwards). But I feel some serious need for accountability. With the holidays approaching, I haven't had a fully compliant day in what feels like forever. 


Except for one time at an Indian restaurant on a study trip, I haven't ventured into the really dangerous territories of grains and other non-compliant food groups, BUT sugar - my downfall and the hardest thing for me to eat in moderation - has crept back into my diet and the amounts are starting to scare me.


First it was the tiny bit of honey in the paleo porridge (I know I know, totally SWYPO :rolleyes:) which I felt incredibly guilty for. But at this point I'm baking all sorts of grain-free cookies to "try out" for Christmas and gulfing them down within two to three days without any control whatsoever.

I'll tell myself "Just one more, then I'll stop". Ten minutes later I'm raiding the fridge looking for the rest of them. Add to that the fact that I've had a cold this past week (feeling crappy makes my cravings worse) and you've got a recipe for a disaster, I actually have to brush my teeth several hours before I plan on going to bed just so I can stop eating junk (paleo junk, but still sugar). 



So I'll cut this short. This is probably more for myself and the bad feeling in the back of my mind when I do something I swore I wouldn't after telling someone else about it. This thread is gonna be my "someone else". With Christmas approaching, I'm not ready for another Whole30, but first thing in the morning, I'm throwing away the rest of these cookies and starting a Whole7. I have a chicken dish cooking up in the crockpot anyway. 

I'm terrible at journaling AND terribly busy at the moment but I'll make an effort of logging my meals starting tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.


Bye bye sugar. It just wasn't meant to be.  :ph34r:

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Sugar might not be something you can make deals with yourself about.




You might just need to "close the door" on sugar the same way someone with celiac would close the door on gluten.  This is the metaphor I've used with myself re: gluten, as a non-celiac but it works.

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I know deep down that I should give up sugar completely. Not sure I'm quite ready though. Then again everyone probably says that. Sugar is definitely my alcohol / smoking / generally not good for you habit. I'm working on it. I definitely know I'm an abstainer! 


Today's meals started out great but then I fell into the "Oh crap, I didn't plan for this at midnight" trap. I think I still did pretty well considering, lol. I'll have time to cook tomorrow which will make things run more smoothly.



M1: kale sautéed in ghee, leftover turkey curry (curried tomato sauce, turkey breast, zucchini, red peppers, cauliflower rice), one scrambled egg,mug of chamomile tea (still felt a little off)


M2: slow cooker chicken ( http://ahappyhealthnut.com/2014/03/22/coconut-turmeric-chicken/), salad of greens and carrots, balsamic vinegar as an impromptu dressing, half an apple


snack: a banana, small handful of nuts


M3: more slow cooker chicken, raw carrots and kohlrabi, a couple homemade leftover miniature beef meatballs with (also homemade) compliant ketchup

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M1: cauliflower mash, sautéed kale (I bought an enormous bag last week that I still need to use up), slow cooker chicken, half an apple


M2: around five or six mini meatballs with ketchup and a carrot (while I was waiting for everything else to heat up), more sautéed kale, more cauli mash, baked pumpkin with a dash of cinnamon and a drizzle of coconut milk


M3: still to be decided, flatmate is doing her weekly cleaning spree downstairs so our kitchen is not to be entered right now  :wacko:  :D

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M3 ended up being a big salad of a bunch of leftovers: salad greens, cherry tomatoes, potato wedges, pumpkin from lunch fried in coconut oil, slow cooker chicken, simple homemade mustard herb dressing. 



I feel great so far! No cookies. Didn't even think about cookies. I did notice having scheduled a breakfast date with a friend next Monday. We'll see if I'll do a Whole5 instead and get back at it from lunch on. 


Also spoke to the employees at the organisation where I'll be doing a work experience starting February 1st. They mentioned the possibility of eating there with everyone. I'll try to at least get out of breakfast and eat at home or bring my own. Think I'll cave for lunches, unless they'll be having noodles everyday. Absolutely no gluten for me, and definitely not six weeks in a row! Guess I'll have to talk to them again... 

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So today went really well, I had no trouble turning down the sweets I was offered at work. 


I did accept a lollipop from a little girl who brought some for everyone for her birthday (which was last week) but that's sitting in my bag, untouched and with no intention on my part of ever eating it. 


The cookies are actually still in my fridge. Uh oh, I totally forgot about them! But they've somehow... I don't know, lost their appeal? That might just change with Christmas approaching. I won't deprive myself for Christmas, but I want to avoid dragging the habit of over-indulging in sugary treats into the new year. Already planning out my strategy. I think I'll let myself make one batch of cookies and one cake to share with family and friends. That way, I won't be tempted to go back for more again and again because there'll be nothing left except for my mother's "give me all the gluten" cookies (which I want to avoid).


So anyway, today's meals!



M1: Carrot hash, sautéed kale (seriously, when is this finally going to be all used up, lol?), three fried eggs


M2: Leftover cauliflower mash, leftover slow cooker chicken, oven roasted garlic green beans, shallots and cashews, half an apple, handful of grapes


M3: pan-fried salmon, sautéed kale, leftover green beans, shallots & cashews, a couple pieces of frozen banana

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What did I say about being terrible at journaling? Got stuck at a gymnastics meet yesterday and got home moderately confused. Oh dear.

M1: last of the kale, yesss! Sautéed in ghee, as always. Meatballs, compliant ketchup, leftover beans

M2 (at the meet): raw carrots, kohlrabi, yellow peppers, tomatoes, grapes, chicken breast, small container of nuts

I then went crazy on my frozen bananas and the rest of my grapes when I got home. Not proud of that.

M3: last of my leftover slow cooker chicken and cauliflower mash, new batch of beans (Yum! From Caroline Potter's All American Paleo Table!), roasted cinnamon ginger pumpkin with coconut milk

Almost out of cinnamon. My world will end. Cue the desperate wails for no grocery store is open today.

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I pretty much had the same thing for all three meals today.

M1: two burgers, leftover pumpkin, leftover beans, yellow peppers, blended tea (tea + cinnamon + coconut oil)

M2: two burgers, leftover pumpkin, leftover beans, fried egg

Snack: a chai fruit and nut bar (from my advent calendar. I'm a kid at heart)

M3: two burgers, leftover pumpkin, leftover beans

So boring, but delicious. Will switch things up tomorrow.

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