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Non-Scale Victories


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I just finished my first Whole30 last Tuesday (December 2nd) and am in the reintroduction phase now.  My main reason for trying the Whole30 program is because I have an autoimmune disease and I wanted to see if the foods I put into my body affected my symptoms.  My two huge complaints with symptoms are upper respitatory issues(granulamas in my lungs) and body/joint pain (sarcoidosis leisians) in my bones.  My respitatory problems are gone!!  My nose is no longer congested and that helps with my chest pressure that I normally feel.  Talk about relief.  The body pain started to get better on day 31 which is why I am sticking with a Whole30/Paleo lifestyle going forward.


I had a physcial on Monday and I lost 7 pounds, my bad cholestoral is down (99), my good chlestoral is up (38), tryglicerides are WAY in the normal zone, my blood sugar is stable and I am no longer predibetic.  My skin is brighter, my clothes are baggy, my confidence is up and I feel in control. Funny thing...I lost weight in my feet.  I had to throw out 3 pairs of shoes because they were too wide!


My diet has been on a journey for a while now.  Leading up to my first round of Whole30, it kept getting cleaner and cleaner and wholer and wholer.  I was diagnosed in 2006 and this is the best I have felt in a very long time.  Thank you!

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Day 11 victories - zipped up my boots easier over my calves. Noticed less muffin top over my pants. Sinuses are clear! Sleeping soundly and longer than before, and falling asleep faster and waking up easier. 


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