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I keep gaining weight !!


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Hi All, 


I am on day 12 of the whole 30 and I have not slip even just once but somehow I still feel super tight in my regular jeans and feel like I am eating wayyyy to much!


I am 5"2 and weight 120, typically for breakfast I have 2 eggs with a tomato, half of an avocado and fruits, for lunch I will have a meat 100-150g and a veggies. 

For snack I started my first week with a whole jar of almond butter so I just cut it because that was not in the spirit of the whole 30 so I usually have a fruits or few almonds and I have protein (fish or meat) with veggies for diner as well. 


I tries to diversify the vegetables with sweet potatoes, brocoli, cauliflower, zucchini, squash .... and I use olive oil to cook everything, 


I haven't been exercising since I started because I was very tired


What am I doing wrong ??? Please help! Even if I am doing the whole 30 to loose weight I don't intend on gaining any!



Thanks  a lot, 

Irene :)

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Hi Irene & welcome to Whole30  :) 

Ok, first off I'd remind you that this is a 30day programme, and most people see the magic happen in the latter stages.

Secondly I'd comment that if this is a big change to your eating habits, or if you are coming from a background of restrictive eating, or have medical issues of ANY kind, then you may need longer than 30 days to start feeling better which is why many people carry on for 45 or even 60 days or more.

Thirdly I'd add that for the absolute best results you need to be building your meals to match the recommended meal template, and to follow the recommendation of no snacking - if you follow the meal template it's unlikely you'll need snacks anyway.

When you say you started with a snack of an entire jar of nut butter do you mean you ate an entire jar in a week? Or in one sitting?

Low energy can be caused by a lack of food in general, or a lack of fat, but if you'd like to post what you have eaten over the past 3-4 days, indicating portion sizes, along with liquid intake, stress/sleep/activity levels we will be better equipped to help you troubleshoot.

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Hey there Irene,


It sounds like you are working hard and doing great on your Whole 30 so far! 


Have you checked out the Whole 30 timeline? http://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/It talks about how in the middle (like day 10 & 11), it is common to feel like our pants are getting tighter and like we might be gaining weight. But it encourages us to stay on track -good things are coming! I'm on day 10 and have a bit of that feeling, too. Like - "what if I am doing all this work and I'm actually gaining rather than losing?!" But I have done 2 Whole 30's before and I know that good things are coming. 


So hang in there! You probably are not really gaining. Maybe look for some non-scale victories - like are you feeling better emotionally or sleeping well or have you noticed a drop off in cravings for sweets? That might help your perspective a little bit while you wait for your body to start changing for the better.  :)

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Thanks for your answer SimpleNotEasy, I have read it and I am perfectly on track with it, right now all I want is to stop it!!!! But I am hanging in there because I hope to feel the magic at some point. 


I just read that snacking on fruits was not the best, should I cut the apple that I have as desert or the fruit that I have around 4pm, I am long days at work and I am genuinely hungry around mid afternoon. 


I never really have cravings for sweets or any other food and had a pretty healthy diet before. 


I am just wondering if I could improve or should modify anything, I definitely reduced the food portion from the book because that was just too much for me and would cause me a real stomachaches after meals!! I can't have half of a pound of grounded meat for lunch!!


Any advice is good to take :)

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Irene - I've merged your posts as you had posted twice.

Please read my reply above with regard to snacking - if you're needing to snack then you are not eating enough at each meal. Additionally you may not think that you have sugar cravings, but be assured that the fruit you are snacking on is only serving to feed your sugar dragon. Bear in mind also that the recommended meal template is the absolute minimum you should be eating - restricting your intake further than this will throw your body into a panic and it will hold on to every last morsel you feed it for fear of a famine.

As I mentioned above please feel free to post a few days worth of your food so that we can check that you are on the right track, and maybe suggest some possible tweaks. 

Hang in there!

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Hi jmcbn, 


Thanks a lot for your answer. I followed the meal template to the letter the first week, and will keep going but the portion are hugeeee!!! And I would still be hungry around 4pm.


For the almond butter jar, I ate it in a week. I know you're not supposed to count the calories, not counting it doesnt mean that they're not there!


I started the whole 30 because I have regular stomach pains and my doctor suggested the program. 


For the past 3 days I had the same food for

- breakfast:  2 eggs, a tomato, half of an avocado and fruits

- lunch: 1/4 pound of grouded turkey with roasted sweet potatoes or spaghetti squash + fruits

- 4pm: fruits or roasted almons

- Diner: mexican tuna boat with sliced endives


I probably drink 1-2L of water a day + multiple cup of tea


I have been sleeping 6-7h hours - did not exercise for 10 days. 


Should I change anything ?



Thanks a lot :)

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You should eat more.

When eggs are your only source of protein in a meal you should be eating the number of whole eggs you can hold in one hand - which is 3-4 for most females. Some people find though that they stay fuller for longer if they mix their protein sources - I like eggs with mackerel for instance... 

In your breakfast you need more veg - the recommendation is for 1-3 cups with 3 being optimum. A tomato really is not enough - ditch the fruit, add more leafy greens.... Fruit in the morning can also impact blood sugar having fasted over night - this will result in lack of focus, energy slumps, faux hunger - all the things you describe. Theis is NOTHING you get from fruit that you can't get in better quantities from veg, except fructose and you don't want to be ingesting a lot of that. We'd recommend limiting fruit to 2 portions per day - many people opt not to eat it at all.

You don't mention any added fat in meals 2 or 3 - fat is your friend here - you need to eat fat to burn fat.

That said keep the nut butter put of the house. Opt for fattier cuts of meat, olives, home-made mayo, ghee, tallow, lard compliant bacon or coconut oil/cream/butter over nuts or nut butters any day of the week.

It's really tough to pull back from a poor breakfast - you play catch up all day, hence your need for that snack - work on eating more at meal 1 and you should soon start to see improvements.

It looks like you also need to work on getting more sleep - sleep has a HUGE impact on our hormones, which in turn have a huge impact on our stress levels, which in turn has an impact on our weight...

Water you need to be drinking at least a half an ounce per pound of body weight, daily.

Hope this helps - any other questions just ask!  :)

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