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Hello world! I've been lurking here for a long time, so I thought that I'd say hello.


I hope that it's ok for me to start this log now, even though I won't be starting my real Whole30 for a few more weeks. If it's not ok – please delete and I'll start a new log on December 28th. Thank you!


I started eating healthy food 30 days ago, on November 13 (Friday the 13th!). 


I haven't completed a Whole30, because I hadn't really committed and I had several SWYPO snacks. Those snacks were much healthier than the massive sugar traps that I used to get caught in: banana/egg "pancakes", "egg nog" made from coconut milk and a date, dates-as-dessert, a few pistachios binges. Healthier than before, but not compliant and still lots of (natural) sugar. So I'm *not* suggesting that I've done a Whole30 in any shape, way or form. But I've definitely made some changes for the better!


I don't work out or do any exercise outside of normal everyday life. I teach first grade, so I'm on my feet a lot. According to my fitbit (which I've had for three weeks and which I *love*), I average about 12000 steps per day.


My results after 30 days of (much) better eating:


- zero cravings for flour and processed sugar. Zero. I used to come home from work and dig desperately through the cupboards for anything sugary that I could get my hands on. I would visit the treat plate in the staff room several times a day. Now, I feel calm and in control. I come home and start getting supper ready, rather than scavenging for snacks. I can turn down cookies at work without it even feeling like a sacrifice. I look at them and think "meh". If you knew me personally, then you would know that this is an amazing and shocking change.


- 9 pounds down. I didn't take any measurements, but I know that my body has started changing as well.  I started this journey 40 pounds away from the top end of a "normal" BMI. I feel like I'm a quarter of the way there, which is exciting and motivating.


- my food is so good. So, so, so good. I love eating and look forward to every meal. I eat big meals that satisfy me. My colleagues comment on my beautiful salads every day. I no longer get that hangry-shaky-must-eat-now feeling. I'm trying lots of new recipes. I made mayo this morning for the first time, and it was a revelation. My husband isn't paleo, but he enjoys the food that I make for supper and is very supportive and encouraging.


Things are really, really good.


So imagine how much better things would be if I committed to a full Whole30!


I know that I need to eliminate my sugar cravings altogether by moving away from dates as my go-to after dinner sweet. I also would like to sleep more, add some more intense exercise and spend less time browsing the internet. I want to be healthy and creative, two descriptors that are extremely important to me, but that haven't described me for a very long time.


I already know that I might eat a small slice of my mom's pumpkin pie and one of my dad's chocolate chip cookies (two family traditions with a lot of love and good memories wrapped up in them) on December 27th, so I guess I'm just in a warm-up phase. I won't be able to start a real Whole30 until December 28th, since I already know that I might be off-plan on the 27th. But I'm going to stay compliant until then, and commit to a full, uninterrupted Whole30 on December 28th. 


I'm so happy and optimistic!



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Welcome, stelle! It sounds like you've already made some great changes. Good luck with your Whole30! There are a ton of resources here, as you know.


Also, consider signing up for the Whole30 Daily emails. They are packed with information and inspiration and they are funny! (Each day, there's a digital "treat.") It's well worth the small cost and made me look forward to each day of the 30 days.

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Welcome! You are doing great thus far as you "warm up" for your official Whole 30. Isn't it motivating to see great results? I feel confident you'll see even more results in the near future when you do the full program. Yay for you!!!


I agree with Art - the Whole30 daily emails are enjoyable and helpful. 

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Thanks for the welcome and for the tip! Maybe I'll look into the emails as a Christmas present to myself. :)


OK, day one of logging:


slept 6h49m (as per fitbit)


woke up at 8:30


meal 1 at 9:30: 2 fried eggs, ladle of chili (made last night, with red/yellow peppers, ground beef, kale, onions and lots of spice), big spoonful of guacamole, five strawberries, 2 cups of black coffee


meal 2 at 2:45: salad w/ olive oil and balsamic vinegar, 2 salmon cakes, spoonful of mayo, sauerkraut, slice of liver pate, 2 dates, handful of pistachios


meal 3 at 8:00: tin of sardines in tomato sauce, laing (taro leaves, coconut cream and ginger), roasted vegetables (turnips, sweet potato, white potato), sliced banana with cinnamon, 2 tbsp coconut butter


Fitbit stats for the day:

13809 steps / 9.03 km

19 flights of stairs

66 active minutes (went for a walk this afternoon)


Now it's 9:43. I'm going to turn off my computer, take a hot bath with epsom salt, read a few pages of my book, and try to get a solid 8 hours of sleep tonight!

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By 'practicing' eating healthy prior to your Whole 30 you are setting yourself up for a MUCH better start to your Whole 30 first week!  Not only will you be used to your healthy eating habits (making the transition to eating Whole 30 foods that much easier and second nature), but you will avoid some of the potential hangover effects that come from leaving the life of a sugar-adapted bread-craver, and the process of becomming fat-adapted will be so much more pleasant for you!

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