Starting over..again Dec. 15, 2015


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Last post was the day I left for my trip. I sounded so positive and upbeat! I did ok with diet, adjusting to time zone, and I walked along and did yoga twice. But Friday night I ate some green beans seasoned w SOY SAUCE! Not even wheat free...I didn't think to ask what was in the dish. Sigh. So close to the end. Oh well. It was still successful in so many ways! The only things I've had since that's "off plan" is maple syrup and white rice. They don't bother me, so I eat them sometimes when not on Whole30. I am still aiming for 2-3 real food meals and real snacks, which are smaller meals. I have been walking in the sun. I will do another yoga practice tonight or tomorrow. And sleep! So, until next time..

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