Which book to buy first? Whole30 or It Starts With Food


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Just getting started and need to go out and buy a book. Which one would you recommend, if I can only buy one? Whole 30 or It Starts with Food? I'm looking for two things with this purchase. I have already done a similar program to this with my gym in October, but I needed the Why to help me stay motivated. Why can't I eat beans? Etc. I am also looking for recipes and meal suggestions, so not sure which book would be more helpful to me for those reasons.

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It Starts with Food is all about the whys of the rules. The Whole30 mentions some of that, but its focus is more on how to do the Whole30, with recipes, cooking tips, and discussion of what to expect and ideas for staying on track throughout your w30.

ISWF has some recipes, but not as many.

What I'd recommend is get ISWF for the science-y stuff, and check out the Well Fed website for meal planning help and recipes, plus you can find still more recipes all over the internet.

Well Fed website: www. MelJoulwan.com

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