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The Counter - What to order


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I'm eating at the counter soon and trying to figure out what to order. I am thinking of the ahi tuna burger but is there anything I need to make sure before i order? I read the allergen information on the site and doesn't look like it has soy, wheat, or peanuts. I was planning to just do fresh toppings (no bun of course) like carrots, tomato, onion, etc. and bringing my own mustard.


Any recommendations? This will be the first time i eat out.

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The standing advice is to ask the person making/serving you the food.  Sometimes things change between regions and are not updated on the websites.  You want to ask the person who's actually going to be providing you with the food.


My guess is that there's sugar in something on an ahi tuna steak (which is not an allergen so does not need to be listed in allergens).  There's also the consideration of the type of oil it's cooked in.


Basically, the rule of thumb is ask before eating and don't rely on websites/allergen lists.


Good luck!

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