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Favorite Meat Dish (suitable for Christmas dinner)?


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Hi all - 


My favorite roast from Costco is not available this year, and it's probably ok, because I'm doing a December Whole 30 and it likely has unapproved ingredients in the marinade (my guess is sugar and soy at the minimum, but since it isn't available, it matters not at this point). 


A couple of years ago I ordered a nice roast from my local farmer to make for Christmas dinner, but whatever I did to it was not very good and it ended up being tough and not too tasty. 


Anyone have a recommendation for a fairly simple and delicious compliant meat dish? I'm only cooking for 8, so that's helpful!


Thanks in advance.

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I used to do a standing rib roast on Christmas Eve back when I was feeding a lot of people. Roasted simply with carrots, potatoes, onions etc it's hard to mess up (if you have a meat thermometer.

But if you're done with roast beef, my votes would be for a center cut pork roast or a rack of lamb. Again, roasted with potatoes and root vegetables. The nice thing about the pork roast is it would pair nicely with unsweetened applesauce or homemade, compliant cranberry sauce.

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