Anyone do whole30 with only eggs and fish as protein?


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I only eat fish and eggs and before starting this didn't eat much of either so this is really a huge shift for me. I also only like my eggs fully cooked (not runny a all) which also is a bit limiting. Any tips, recipes, or advice? I'm concerned I may get really tired of eating eggs for breakfast every morning but there is no other option.

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You *can* do it - what the mind believe, the body achieves!  Or somesuch inspirational advice.


You don't HAVE to eat eggs for breakfast (and you may surprise yourself with the different ways you enjoy them prepared - I've had scrambled, poached, fried over-hard, fried over-easy, sunny side up, soft-boiled, hard-boiled, baked in a frittata, baked into a "muffin", etc.).


I've also had a can of tuna for breakfast.  Also consider that you've got the world of canned sardines, canned salmon, fresh or frozen tilapia, cod, sole, orange roughy, salmon, trout, flounder, eel, etc. etc. etc.  Do you also eat seafood?  Scallops, shrimp, mussels.


I think you could eat something different EVERY day with this list!

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Do you have a recipe for the chowder? That sounds delicious. 

I've adapted a recipe over time that my mum used to make which was non compliant so now I just kind of make it up as I go along, but here's a link to a decent enough looking one you could use as a base. I normally just buy 3 different tasting types of fish - what ever is on offer - scallops etc can be pricey, so doing it this way keeps the price down. I also like my chowder to be thick, like more of a stew, so I add in potatoes which break down well & the starch helps to thicken it all up... 

If you haven't made home-made mayo yet there is also a really quick, easy & (almost) fool-proof method on the same website...

Hope this helps!  :)

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