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Negative Reaction to Avocado...Can I still do the Whole30?


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Hi all,


I'm planning to begin the Whole30 in January, and I'm really excited for food freedom and awareness.


One thing is giving me pause though...in college I learned that I have a very negative physical reaction to avocados (read: panic attacks, weird right??). I think they taste great but I don't want to ruin the positive effects of the Whole30 by adding a food that I know my body reacts poorly to into my diet. Technically I'm not allergic; the doctor said intolerant (the reaction kicked in 3 hours after eating, not right away). That being said, SO many Whole30 recipes use avocado and it's like one of 3 healthy fat options... Can I still do the Whole30? Should I try out avocado again in the safety of my home to see if it was a fluke? I have never heard of anyone else having this issue, so I'm not sure what to do.



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