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EatingSun's 2nd Whole30


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Getting ready to do W30 #2.  Planned start date is January 2nd.  I figured this means I don't have to track completion date as Jan 31st is the end date.


I did a W30 just over a year ago, while I didn't feel marvelous due to some other weird health issues that hit at the same time, I definitely felt great effects that were worth the while.  I had a good 6 months "after burn" meaning I was pretty clean and Whole 9 through mid-summer.  Continued to feel great, lose weight, feel good about what I was eating.  Somehow end of summer I lost the focus and now it's time to do it again as I miss how I felt.  it's noticeable.  I tried a few times to do another but I found summer is a difficult time.  Despite the fresh veggies from my garden, the continuous summer travel and activities meant that it just didn't stick. 


Since I am a believer, I think what I learned is that I need to do this 2 times per year.  Since I seem to "last" before getting lazy or the saboteur "I am missing out" thoughts take over, 2 times per year I think will restore me and keep me eating in the manner that is truly in line what my body wants and what I value.


So, as of Dec 23rd, I am in prep mode.  Cleaning up my diet in advance.  It is not bad, I am gluten free so that is a huge step.  I'll keep moving towards the restrictions to be ready to go Jan 2nd.  Hubcap says he's gong to join me, we'll see if he really does.  I look forward to feeling great, not feeling hungry and liking my body again.

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