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OK so, my roommate is thinking about doing the Whole30 with me but she has a lot of pills that she has to take as a result from back & neck surgeries as well as gastric bypass.


The neck surgeries she has had has left severe scar tissue damage that has effected her esophagus & her ability to swallow. Food & her pills get stuck in a pocket in her throat & she drinks pop & or chocolate milk to dislodge. Apparently the carbonation from the pop & the  thickness/slimy coating produced by the thickness of chocolate milk helps her to swallow & miss the pocket in her throat. So she drinks either/both when she takes her pharmacy of pills.


We have been trying to think of something that would be compliant that would do the job.


I read that juicing & smoothies is not in the plan. But if its just to take her pills... She has a Soda Stream & is thinking of making apple juice & carbonating it.


I've suggested almond milk but she says that she's tried it.


Ideas are most welcome.


Those are just a small portion of her health issues. She's also anemic & has previously had to have iron infusions since iron pills don't do the job because of the bypass surgery.

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