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Metro Vancouver W30 - 1/1/16 Start


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Nom nom paelo brings 30 days of spriralized veggies to help with our Whole 30. There are potato suggestions and while while potatoes may have recently been okayed for W30 (I'll have to check that fact) because sweet potato offers more nutrients I'll stick with those. 


Happy W30 prep everyone!



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... End of Day 2


Happy to report have made it to the end of the second day and have felt fine up until about 2 hours ago. The detox symptoms are kicking in. Mild headache and fatigued (even though I slept 9 hours last night). I'm just being kind to myself after making borscht (lots of good fibre in that to help eliminate toxins) for dinner and have made it through 7 glasses of liquid today. Heading for my big comfy bed and a movie soon ... oh ya!!!



Visiting Dave and Anna and sitting at a table filled with cookies and turtle chocolates (not a huge chocolate fan but that was tough for a second or two a few times until I reminded myself what it is I really want)



Day 1

Breakfast: broccoli and beef

Dinner: ribs and friend spaghetti squash 

(Skipped lunch - just was not hungry)

Day 2

Breakfast: left over ribs with spaghetti squash mixed in with steamed yams (the white one - sweet potato - will have to google it), coffee with coconut oil

Lunch: handful of cashews, a few grapes

Dinner: borscht with left over rib bits, cabbage and kale (about time I got some greens into me), banana, grapes

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Day 3

How i'm Feeling

The challenges of detox weren't that bad this time around. Guess I didn't have as much crap in my system to be removed..

A bit fatigued is all but not achy nor headachy. Just took a nice hot bath with epsom salts and am having a relaxing night in bed.


M1: A Vega drink (I know I know not compliant b/c of stevia but was late and was better than nothing)

M2: omelette with turkey and spinach with potato hash browns with tomatoes and cucumber

M3: not really hungry so a few cashew nuts


Not sure if I will be able to continue this W30 as I am leaving for Calgary tomorrow to check on my father in ICU and is not doing well. I sense alcohol will be involved soon ...

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