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Round #3 -Start 12/28


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This is my third round of Whole30. I really enjoy the program and I stick to it. This round I'm really going to focus on not snacking. I can slay the sugar dragon but the snacking part is really hard for me. So I've added my own rules on things that I eat that I have no break.


I can have raisins, nuts and grapes but only in my salad or with a meal. Not a handful here and there.


I'm also going to do this for 12 weeks. I have an issue when I stop the Whole30. I will continue but them once I start to add foods back that is where the issue comes in.


My trainer thinks I have thyroid issues and high low cortisol levels. So I need to get my hormones in balance and 30 days just isn't enough time. During this time, I'm also going to visit my Dr and see if I can get him to do all of the blood work up. Hopefully I will be able to get a set plan in order to stop the weight gain and get back down to goal and stay there.

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