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Starting 1/1/16 and Nervous!


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Hey Everyone,


Well, I've decided to start the new year off with a bang!  I bought It Starts with Food​ before they new edition came out and I bought The Whole 30 right when it came out.  I've been wanting to do this challenge for quite some time.  I have done modified versions of food eliminations and have discovered definite sensitivities to gluten and dairy.  I struggle with chronic heart burn, hypoglycemic episodes and/or "hanger" and my digestion/regularity has been an issue most of my life.  I also suffer from varying levels of anxiety and swings in mood, especially related to the seasons.  Additionally, my sleep cycle is not consistent and I go through episodes of near insomnia.  I have wanted to do this challenge for quite some time.  For all of these reasons.  However, I have been unsure of my ability to go at it alone.  A group of people at my gym have committed to doing this together, so I jumped at the chance.  However, I am still nervous as heck! 


That being said, I only have two days left to prepare and then I'm off.  I have already started a document with my reasons for participating, notes, dos and don'ts.  This will also serve as a daily journal, in which I will reflect on how I feel, any battles I fought with myself that day, victories, etc. I'm hoping that this will assist me with my accountability.  I do have a wedding to attend on January 9th, including travel, which I know the book recommends starting after that, but I want to be able to do with this with the group and I fear starting on the 11th will put me too far behind everyone else.  What is working in my favor is that 4/7 of my girlfriends in this group are currently pregnant or nursing and another is actively trying to get pregnant. I don't foresee too much pressure to drink!  Meanwhile, the guys will have one another.  Being that it's not my wedding, I see this as a good opportunity to really put myself to the test.  I like challenges, especially ones that some might think I will fail, so I think this may be extra motivation for me.


Alright, well, I have rambled on.  Congrats to everyone who has completed a challenge, best wishes to those who are currently in the midst of one and good luck to those of us who have yet to start.  I'm happy to have you all to check in with!




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Hi Erin,


Sounds like you have a very good plan.  A support group makes any challenge much easier to stick with.  Like you, I have started a journal (a paper one - call me old-fashioned! :P ) and I have been writing the do's and dont's in my prep for my first Whole30 on Jan 1st. 


Yes, the wedding will be a tough one, but just keep thinking that you are already 8 days in, and you don't want to start over.  I would probably tell my friends ahead of time, so that they can support you rather than pressure you into eating sugar-loaded goodies and drinking.


Best of luck to you!  :)

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