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Starting Jan. 1

Britt M

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My name is Britt and I'm doing my first Whole30 starting January 1st! I'm nervous and excited but really looking forward to the next 30 days. I'm obese and suffer from allergies and asthma. I'm hoping Whole30 can help with these. But most importantly, I'm looking to change the current relationship I have with food. I eat whenever I'm sad, lonely or stressed. I want to take these 30 days to create a positive relationship with food. I would like to do a Whole60 or 90 but I'm not going to commit just yet because I don't want to mentally psych myself out before I begin. So here I am introducing myself like the book told me to...wish me luck!


My b-day isright at the end of the first 30 days. My gift to myself is going to be completing this program.


Best wishes to everyone! We can do it!


Britt :)      

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