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Hello - Started on Dec 24 - Day 6 and loving it!


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Hi my name is Jen and this is my second try at Whole30 (went down in the face of an apple fritter after just a couple of days). I recently started eating meat again after 30+ years. And I feel amazing!

I'm 44 and a (now) single mom. I have had a few days of being snappy with my kiddo and some days of forgetting to eat in time but otherwise it's been pretty nice. I was a regular drinker of wine and I thought that that would be the hardest thing to give up but it's been surprisingly easy!

I do have a history of an eating disorder so this is an interesting experiment in learning how to be ok with food as nourishment. (even though it's been pretty delicious!)

Anyway, hello!

Take care :)

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