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Starting January 1st!

Sarah Joy

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Hi Everyone!


I have been looking into this for a few days, and decided tonight to go for it. I am excited to see what health benefits I can find, as I am an extremely busy single mom of 5 (foster and adopted), and have a 20 yr. old girl living with us right now as well. I have talked with my 2 oldest, (20 and 21) and they both want to join me. Regardless of if they do it, though, I am going for it. I've downloaded and printed out several of the resources on the Whole30 site, so I'm set to do some grocery shopping in the next couple days. Praying for this to be life-changing, and then for it to be a life-style of healthy eating once I figure out the reintroducing process after.


Praying for all of us doing this plan!!!



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