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Woohoo!! - Day 31 Results

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Hi everyone,


I started on November 30th so this morning is day 31! I committed to a Whole 30 because A) my pants weren't fitting and B) I wasn't feeling healthy.  I was having blood sugar crashes and mid-40s female issues as well as just feeling totally out of control with my eating and taking care of myself. 


So, first - my pants fit again.  It was fun to go through my closet and try on things that I can wear again! Buying new pants was not an option!


My energy is more even, I don't have blood sugar crashes after eating sweets/high carb things (because I'm not eating them!!) and I feel better, sleep better.


I lost 7 lbs.  :) And I thought I was eating a ton of food!! Ha ha ha!! I made much of my food from Nom Nom Paleo and Well Fed 1 & 2. So yummy!!!


Committing to a Whole30 was such a GOOD idea.  Now for the challenge.  It's New Year's tomorrow night . . . 


But I want to commit to eating on a mostly Whole 30 template for the time being. For one thing, I found out that I love black coffee.  Who knew??



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