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Emiley and Co: ROUND 2

Emiley Carey

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Hello, long lost friends of Whole 30 Health! I am back and ready for action in January 2016. My last thorough W30 was two years ago, and I've spent the time since yo-yoing with discipline. If you want to see my recap from Round 1, check 'er out here:



My goals for this round are: 

Reduce body fat, get comfortable in jeans I already own

Increase all-day energy

Improve skin clarity and eczema 

Exercise in some way 4 days a week

Reduce systemic inflation for a better feeling muscular system

Kick the emotional/comfort eating habit (sugar dragon)

Save money on eating out


To be Continued….


I have some family and friends joining in this round, which should make it fun and if nothing else give us all someone to commiserate with. I better go eat a donut now, while I still can...

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Ah, January 1. Happy New Year, all!


Day 1 of Whole 30 was not exactly a success, so I'm considering it a soft start and following the program through January 31st. I stuck to compliant foods, but I didn't eat three meals and I didn't follow the meal template. Sleeping in after a late night on New Year's Eve meant Meal 1 didn't happen until almost noon! Then my own unpreparedness led to a day of grocery shopping and prepping instead of eating and exercising. These before and after shots of my refrigerator show you what I was up against:



GUYS I FOUND COMPLIANT BACON at Sprouts. Husband is stoked. 


The good news is that I'm all set for success tomorrow (and the next few days!) - I made PaleOMG's Pizza Spaghetti Bake, prepped veggies for egg scrambles for breakfast, and will be putting together a crock pot chili first thing in the morning. 

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The official Day 1…why do I feel like I've already been at this a week?  :huh: I've been battling a headache all day, so I'm calling carb flu. I've been drinking a lot of water and sticking to the template but the darn thing persists. 


M1: Chicken sausage, sweet potato, cherry tomatoes

M2: Spaghetti squash bake, handful of berries

M3: Chicken, roasted brussels and carrots 


I went to a game night with some friends, and stood my ground against the pizza and wings they ordered. I munched on pistachios and celery…whoop de do

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Only made it to two meals today, so I need to focus on time management tomorrow.


M1: Scrambled eggs with salsa, roasted sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, handful of berries. AND, bulletproof coffee! I think this is a game changer for me--I was in a good mood and I stayed satiated and energetic all day. That fatty breakfast must have been really good for my she-brain. Husband played along for breakkie so I made the same for him, with an additional egg and few strips of compliant bacon.


M2: Saving the breakfast bacon grease was a great call, because I roasted brussels and green beans in it for dinner. HOLY smokes, they were so delicious and I think it brought out the sweetness of the veggies more than EVOO does. We each had a pan seared chicken breast and some dipping sauce I made from mayo, mustard powder, garlic, parsley, and a touch of cumin. The sauce was weird but good enough for dipping' and getting in that yummy fat. 


I'm feeling good today, but my digestion isn't improving yet. Hope to see some changes there soon.

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Oh hey day 15! Good to see you. Kind of. 


I haven't been posting here like I had originally intended, but I have been keeping a steady email chain going with two friends who are doing the Whole30 as well. We talk about food ideas, our struggles, and help each other with general compliance. It's great, but I miss the forum too.


I'm really posting today for my own reference down the line, as a midpoint summary. Actually, it's more like a 1/3 summary. I've decided to extend my Whole30 to a Whole45 due to the following:

  • I have NOT been adhering to the template or the recommended timeframe. I have been eating erratically, often only two proper meals in a day, and not balancing every meal with the appropriate protein/veg/fat. I think I'm cheating myself out of the fat adaptation and Tiger's Blood I'm desperately seeking.
  • I have been snacking at nighttime, usually fruit and fat, and it's lead to some mild self-loathing over my own poor decision making.
  • I have been eating too many Lara bars! I think I've probably had 6-7 in these 15 days, and that's a definite way to feed the dragon. 
  • I have not been going to bed and waking up at any consistent time. I'm currently unemployed so I rarely have early morning commitments, and tend to laze in bed on my phone until late morning. This is a leading cause of missing meal 1. 

I'm not proud of myself the way I was when I did my first W30 two years ago, and while some of that has to do with outside life factors I know I need to make changes in order to reap the full benefits of the program. Here's what I AM doing right:

  • Total compliance on food choices
  • Continuing the C25k running program (30 min @ 3x/week)
  • Yoga - flow, active flow, and restorative (75 min @ 3x/week)
  • Water consumption is decent, also drinking hot herbal tea and La Croix
  • Resisted the urge to weigh in 
  • Successful recipe testing

I guess I'm just kind of bummed out and need to re-harness that enthusiasm I started with. The good news about extending to a W45, is that day 16 is still day 16, it's not day 1. I'm not starting over, I'm just improving from here on. Boom. 

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