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2016 - the year of reclaiming

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Hello! New here, and excited to dive into my first Whole 30 on January 1! After living most of my life overweight, in 2014 I lost over 60 pounds on an extremely low calorie prepackaged protein powder meal replacement diet. I kept the majority of the weight off for most of the following year, but after a few indulgent vacations and a very indulgent holiday season, almost half of what I lost has now come back to haunt me (yes--30lbs in a year, YIKES!). Also I've experienced some side effects from that extreme restriction that are still lingering that I am not ure will ever be fixed. I know Whole30 won't necessarily result in losing what I've regained, but regaining control over my eating, and focusing on healthy whole foods and exercising, not a packaged 'quick fix', will be a great success. 2015 unfortunately was a year of regaining, but looking forward to making 2016 the year of reclaiming my health!

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