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Ali's Log: My journey to slay the dragon and so much more...


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I came across this new way to live about a month ago and brushed it off as something I would never be able to do. I thought to myself how crazy can one person be to "give up" all those great, yummy foods...and then I asked for the It Starts With Food book for Christmas. As the holiday came and went and the pounds and cravings just came and never went, I realized that I needed an intervention. Sugar and unhealthy eating had hijacked just about every part of my life. 


I read the It Starts with Food book in two days and decided, on impulse, that I absolutely had to do the Whole 30 challenge. I read all about how much it was going to change my life and blah blah blah, and pretty much dared the program to change my life. I thought to myself, this might work for other people but I doubt it will work for me. But deep down, I really hoped it would. I want a new, better life where I actually enjoy life and not just exist and survive to the next day. 




I started my 30 day challenge this Monday, December 28, 2015. Why wait for New Year's to start a resolution?


I am currently closing down on Day 3 and I nailed it! I can tell that my perceptions about food, the sugar dragon, and myself are starting to change. It's a painful kind of change that feels pretty good once you go through it. I know in my core that I can do this and that no matter what happens or what comes my way I am going to stick with it. I am going to learn A LOT about myself along the way and I am frexcited!


Day 4 starts tomorrow! Bring on the challenge..

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