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AIP Protocol?


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So, when you did your Whole30, did you see improvement in whatever symptoms you have? Did you continue to eat Whole30-style afterwards, and if you did, did you continue to see improvements? If you didn't continue to eat Whole30-style afterwards, but did see improvements when you did your Whole30, you could always start by just doing another Whole30. To me, it makes the most sense to do the least restrictive thing that still gets you results that you're happy with -- if that makes sense. I don't see the point in restricting more just for the sake of restricting something. Now, that said, there are people who do end up needing/benefiting from doing an AIP Whole30. If you didn't see any improvement from Whole30 in things like arthritis pain, or if you saw some improvement, but then over time (while still eating Whole30), that improvement plateaued, but you still had pain you wanted to address -- then it could be worth doing AIP to see if you could get more improvement.


Have you read this article about the AIP protocol? It might help you to decide if it would be likely to help you. 


There's also an option somewhere between just a regular Whole30 and a full on AIP protocol, if you're not quite ready to commit to that. That would be, if you know there are things you seem to be sensitive to (for instance, if eating a lot more nightshades than normal causes your pain to be worse, or if you saw little improvement of digestive stuff in Whole30 but know you were eating nuts every single day and that nuts are very likely to cause digestive problems), then you could do Whole30 leaving out specifically those things that seem to bother you. Anything you leave out could then become part of your reintroduction process later.

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