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Warriors Game and Niner Game - Whole30 help!


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Hello! I am going to the warriors game on January 2nd and the Niner game on January 3rd. The niner game will consist of tailgating for a few hours beforehand. Where we tailgate they don't allow bbqs. So, I need ideas for food that I can bring that is delicious and filling.


For the warriors game I don't believe you can bring food in. What should I do here? Thanks!

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For tailgaiting, I guess I would find out what others are bringing and then bring something similar. For example, if they're bringing some fried chicken from a fast food joint, I'd just bring some grilled chicken to throw on a salad or something. Pretty much any potluck-y dish would probably be good. Do they allow slow cookers? Maybe a pot of chili or something.


For the Warriors game, it'll be tricky to find compliant food at the coliseum. I would eat a hearty meal beforehand and sneak a couple of compliant bars in your pocket for emergency use. But if that's not going to work for you, do some research on what foods might be available on game day. I believe the sausages at Saag's are compliant, and they do serve fresh fruit salad at some places, but you'll need to double-check the ingredients when you're there. Here's some websites I found that might be helpful at for coliseum cuisine:




Hope this helps, have a great game day!

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