I don't feel like I'm seeing results


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Could you give us more detail? What results are you hoping to see?


How long have you been on your Whole30? How different is it than how you were eating before? How did you feel before you started, and have you noticed any differences at all, better or worse?


What do your meals typically look like on Whole30 -- do they follow the meal template? Are you eating enough? Are you drinking enough water?


What else is going on in your life that might be affecting your results -- if you have longstanding medical issues, it can take longer than 30 days to really see results. Or if you have a toddler, or work an overnight shift, or for whatever other reason are not sleeping through the night much, that can affect how long it takes to see results.




Edited to add: The forum doesn't like replies to topics with just a subject and no actual post -- this was meant to be a reply to bndhaynes4 -- hopefully she sees it.

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This is day 17 I just wanted to see more physical weight loss.

No weighing! Therefore, you shouldn't know your weight! Throw out your scale (or at least lock it away).

Seriously, weighing is against the Whole30 rules and can seriously derail you. Concentrate on eating template meals and note your NSVs (non-scale victories). Some people lose weight and some people don't, but either way, there are huge benefits in doing a Whole30.

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It's a Whole30, not a Whole17. Some don't see results until the end. While many experience weight loss, this is not a weight loss diet. What your weight is shouldn't be your primary concern. How much progress have you made in learning to eat more nutritiously and slaying the sugar dragon, are you sleeping better, do you have more energy, etc. Just keep on and you'll have a good result at the end.

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