Eileen's 2nd Whole30 Log, January 2 Start


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Day 1. Took pics. Ugh.

Weight 146.4, body fat 40.2. Scale put away now.

US Wellness sugar free bacon ordered.

Big batch of breakfast soup made.

Breakfast of egg salad (egg, onion, homemade dill pickle, homemade olive oil mayo), clementine, and chicory-dandelion brew with ghee blended in. Beverage is awesome.

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Hi Eileen - welcome to Whole30  :) 

Forget that number on the scale for the next 30 days - it tells you not how awesome you are, or how loved you are - it tells you only the numerical value of your gravitational pull...

Don't, however, forget your veggies!! Our recommendation is for 1-3 cups with evefry meal, with 3 being optimal - don't let that fruit push the veg off of your plate!!

It'll get easier with every meal  ;)

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Days 4-9. I felt better on Day 4 but I seem to have plateaued.

In my first W30 I was pleased and surprised to not have a little wad of hair on the drain when i shampooed. In the two years since, it would be there if I ate gluten or corn, but on paleo it doesn't happen. But the last two times I washed my hair there it was. I don't get it. Cleansing maybe?

Keeping on keeping on though.

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Day 10. OMG and LOL I've been a little discouraged that my pants are tighter. So I just happened to look at the W30 timeline, and I'm right on schedule. What a mind-blowing hoot!

Good food prep day. Meatloaf for the freezer, a big batch of kale salad for lunches, mini meals stowed in the fridge, and date sweetened CATSUP. I am livin' the life!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Days 11-20. My theory on the hair loss is that I accidentally put too much vitamin D in my 2-week supplement allocation. I made sure I got the supplements right for this cycle, and hair loss is much less.


Pants seem to be fitting the same, but I'm getting into more of a rhythm with my eating--meaning not being so worried about mild hunger pangs between meals, because I know they'll pass, or I eat a mini meal if they don't. So maybe I'll feel more of a difference in the fit of my clothes going forward? I hope.


I just finished reading It Starts With Food. Sheesh, I should have read it during my first W30; then I wouldn't have asked so many ignorant questions on the forums. There's such great info about hormones and the importance of timing meals for hormone balance. 


Fun foods I'm discovering on this W30: US Wellness no-sugar bacon (awesome--were it not so expensive I'd eat it all the time), US wellness no-sugar salami (OK for W30 but wouldn't buy it otherwise), homemade catsup, homemade dill pickles, pickled quail eggs, and smoked foods (I picked up a NordicWare indoor smoker--highly recommended).


The other day I dreamed I slipped up and ate something noncompliant, but I don't remember what it was.


Here's to 10 more days. Good luck to all us January'ers!

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Days 21-26. I've been stressing and discouraged because my clothes weren't fitting any looser, HOWEVER, yesterday I finally became--or realized I was--fat adapted!!! Woo hoo!! On some level I was insecure that this wouldn't work for me, and I sure didn't think it would take 25 days. So the past two days: three meals, not hungry between and not hungry at bedtime even though meals weren't huge (but did fit the template). 


Now I'm wondering how I can do reintroductions but stay fat-adapted. I like this feeling of balance. I'll need to do some research. On my first W30 it seemed different--I liked how I was eating and lost weight abut didn't have the awareness of how I'd changed my metabolism; application of the scienc-y stuff, you know?


Fun food of the week: Chicory brew: 1T roasted chicory granules, 1T dandelion root, 1/2 tsp bulletproof vanilla powder (ordered from Amazon), water to 5-cup line (I use a 5-cup drip coffeemaker). For each mugful magic-bullet-blender in 1 tsp ghee and 1 pitted date. Strain into mug. Yields 2 large mugfuls. Yum. 

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