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Mary's 2nd Whole 30: start 1/16 (mysaunders)


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Day 1: I recently completed my 1st Whole 30. Loved it so much that I have decided to continue on with my 2nd Whole30. For those of you who have not already subscribed to the daily newsletter, I strongly suggest it. It is packed with great information and gives you an opportunity to acknowledge another successful day of Whole30. 


1st Whole 30 results: lost 12 lbs, 1" from chest, 2" from waist, 2" from hips. Very motivating to keep going!


Meal1: 3 eggs, olive oil, mushrooms, orange bell pepper

Meal2: Walnut crusted port tenderloin, roasted butternut squash/brussels sprouts (Both Whole30 recipes)

Meal3: chicken primavera (Whole30 recipe)


Good luck to everyone doing the January Whole30! 



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Day 2: Continuing to feel awesome (this is my second Whole 30). There was a family gathering last night where pizza, coke and homemade tamales were being eaten. I ate before going and was able to abstain. I knew the pizza would make me feel bloated so was not too hard to not partake.


Meal 1: 2 pasture raised hard boiled eggs, 1/2 avocado

Meal 2: Chicken Primavera, Walnut crusted port tenderloin (leftover Whole30 recipes, 1/2 servings of each)

Meal 3: Pan roasted brussels sprouts/squash, Chicken Primavera, Walnut crusted port tenderloin (leftover Whole30 recipes, 1/2 servings of each)

Evening Snack: banana, almond butter (it was a late night with family, had eaten an early dinner due to family gathering)


I found some great sugar free bacon at Whole Foods (Pederson's Natural Farms). I read on the forum that this bacon is Whole30 compliant. Planning on having some on day 3.

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I love Pederson's bacon. I keep it in my fridge constantly. I don't know where you located, but here I can get they bacon for less at Sprouts and Market Street (United Markets). Market Street is like $2 less than Whole Foods. So if you have those near you check it out to see if it is the same in your area.

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Thanks!! I am located in Houston.

Day 3: today my laptop gave out so I'm using my iPad to post this entry. It's an old iPad so it's pretty slow. Anyway, another good day.

Meal 1: chicken breast, 2 eggs, 3 strips Pederson's bacon (YUM!)

Meal 2: roasted chicken

Meal3: boiled egg, large salad, kalamata olives, olive oil, balsamic vinegar

I was keeping pretty busy today and did not make time to balance all my meals. I'll work on that tomorrow. I'm getting back into the gym early tomorrow morning. I must say that I am a bit nervous. I joined a transformation challenge. Hope it's not too brutal.

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Days 4 - 5: 


Still going strong. In addition to my Whole30 compliant eating I have begun exercising. This was my biggest struggle during my first Whole 30 (which I just completed 12/31 lost 12 lbs). I have done cross-fit two days in a row (joined their transformation challenge). Work is hectic so I'm pretty tired. During my first Whole30 I focused on the food. I feel I have that down pretty well now. My focus this month is to continue the Whole30 and add exercise.Between the long hours at work and my cross-fit workout not much time left for posting to this forum. During my first Whole30 I posted daily. I may need to cut back to every few days during this go round. No food cravings or struggles with food. It is going pretty well in that department.


5 days down! 

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Days 6 - 9: Still going strong. In addition to the following non-scale victories, i have incorporated exercise this go round. I have done cross-fit 5 times this week. It would have been 6 except for the fact that I had to get to work early that morning. 


  • I no longer eat in front of the TV. I eat at the kitchen table. 
  • I don't watch TV during the week. Not much on the weekend either. i used to watch 2+ hours per night.
  • I have incorporated exercise. I did not exercise a lick during my first whole30 (but lost 12 lbs).

Feeling good, getting smaller, smoother skin and everything positive!

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