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So many recipes with eggs...but I can have none!

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I cannot have eggs at all but this program seems to be a huge proponet of it.  the meal plans consist of a lot of eggs and fritatas and hard boiled eggs. Even the emergency meals are omlettes or use mayonnaise.


is there something i can mix with the salmon to make the salmon cakes? what about the wonderful ideas of making a quick chicken salad but it's mixed with mayo?


Are there meal plans to help, with breakfast specifically, that do not include eggs?


I am a very busy single mom that works. I especially need something quick in the mornings and to be able to eat in my car. I normally eat a plantain or sweet potato with ground beef or sausage in the mornings because i can mostly eat that in the car but i get bored with it and was looking for more ideas.  I need a hearty breakfast as i exert a lot of energy at my job.  I dont have the time in the mornings for something that i might have for supper (like chicken things or a steak).  We also do not have leftovers from supper usually as my son eats quite a bit.  i have tried to make more but it costs so much to buy that extra meat for a meal.  (and sometimes my mom is here to help me as well)


Thanks for the help and ideas!

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If you go to Google and type 'Egg free Whole 30 breakfast' you'll get a ton of results. There are loads of people who can't eat eggs and while they do seem very pervasive in the 'breakfast' category, they're not essential. As for mixing up a salmon or chicken salad, try mixing it with avocado, that's quite yummy.

Could you make meatballs for Meal 1? They're pretty easy to eat in the car and if you had them with vegetables (either crudite or leftover roasted veg) and some olives, that would make for a very hearty and portable meal.

There are some egg free mayo recipes (google Planks Love and Guacamole Egg Free Mayo for instance) that you might consider as well!

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