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Sourcing coconut aminos in Aust


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A quick Google search turned up the following blog which lists links to online stores and maybe retail stores (i didn't read it through).

It's not hard to make your own after your Whole30 but the recipe from Mel Joulwan for a substitute has molasses in it and that's out for your W30. Not sure you could actually ferment coconut sap at home to make the real deal but if you do, good for you!


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Avoid the Nuilife one, it's loaded with sugar.


I have been able to get Coconut Secret (which is the one most Americans are using) from a number of retailers. You can try Go Vita, if they don't have it in stock they may be able to order it in. If they don't have it, ask around your local health food stores. Many of mine used to stock the Nuilife, but are replacing it with Coconut Secret as they're working out no one wants it ;)


Where abouts in Australia are you?

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