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Whole30 Day01

Day01 was not bad...but they never have been. I have at least Day01 every single week. Every day almost, I wake up and vow that I will not make the same mistakes that I did the day before. I did it, in 2014, I lost 60 pounds on a low carb paleo diet. I completed a Whole30 in August of 2014 and felt like the strongest person I know. By November 2014, I will still doing well, by Christmas I was weakening, by January 2015 I had just about thrown everything out the window. Back to present day, January 2016, I have regained 50 of the 60 pounds. I struggled with a lot, stress from family members, stress from work, stress from my best friend. But most of all, I felt like I was testing them all, like "do they care about me enough to stop me from eating this cookie/cake/roll/peanut butter sandwich?!?!?" turns out, they didn't. Everything hurts again, my knees, ankles, back...heart. Yes, my heart hurts the most. Their issues are still there, I can't fix them, and they can't see past their own problems to help me with mine. After all, the only, and I do mean only, external issue I have is my weight and overeating. Compared to debt, heroin addiction, probation, arrests, divorce and constant unhappiness, my problem seems superficial, like I'm only worried about looking skinny. But for me, paleo isn't about that, it is about a great future with my husband, my kids, hopefully my future grandkids. I'm so scared of my later years, on both sides of my family are issues like MS, Alzheimer's, Dementis, Parkinson's!!! I cannot not fight for my health. I decided that I need to focus on myself, my household, and not them anymore. The discussion with my mom when I explained to her that I would not be coming over to eat for my Whole30 didn't go over well. She asked me why, because during my whole weight loss in 2014 I still ate there and even during my first Whole30, but I had to tell her, that I don't feel strong anymore and cannot resist all the things that everyone else keeps cooking and eating.

I'm trying my best to set myself up for success, I planned my menu for the whole month, my family will eat what I eat, most meals apply to paleo/primal rules, it is outside the home where I weaken.

Day01 Meal01- beef bone broth with coconut oil and ghee, 2 sausage patties

Day01 Meal02- beef bone broth with coconut oil and ghee

Day01 Meal03- pork roast, sauerkraut, broccoli

Victory#01- went to the movies with my hubby and kids (The Good Dinosaur) without eating junk/popcorn/soda!!!!!!

Exercise- gentle yoga for 15 minutes

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welcome JN! Have you taken a look at the meal template? Planning your menu to meet this at every meal is really the key for success on the plan, and that means lots more vegetables, and more protein too (bone broth is kind of an extra. a great extra, but not a substitute for a palm-size portion of protein).


Here is the template: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf

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Thanks for the input, I wouldn't normally depend on the bone broth as a meal, but yesterday morning, wasn't feeling great- I don't normally stay up late- usually in bed by 8 pm and on NYE was up way later than that and ate way too much junk way to late into the night. I mainly use the bone broth as a sub for coffee in the morning and to warm me up later in the day if I've been out in the cold. I had no appetite yesterday morning and was busy stripping beds and doing laundry before we headed out for the afternoon. I have my lunch packed for today and have my month planned out pretty well.

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Whole30 Day02

Slightly tired today, but managed a light yoga workout, 20 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes on the treadmill! My oldest daughter is trying this round, when I got home from work and the gym, she was asleep! 13 years old and typically a healthy eater, but this is kind of dragging her down. I had lunch at my office with my friend, she just doesn't understand this process or why anyone would put themselves through a program like this. She had a gastric bypass almost 10 years ago. She lost about 150 pounds and has probably gained around 75 of it back. She doesn't want to limit herself in any way, ever. It makes me sad, but she is one of the people in the previous post that when I feel too much empathy for them, it really drags me down. I love her like a sister, but we have never had much in common at all. It hurts to see her struggle, and I feel awful for just trying to block it out. We have discussed and all she asks of me is to tell her that I love her and to tell her that I'm sorry for whatever mess she is in and move on, because I cannot fix her. So, that is what I've started doing. I'll just keep getting stronger every day, I know it!

Day02 Meal01- green apple, bone broth, hard boiled egg

Day02 Meal02- chicken salad

Day02 Meal03- breakfast for dinner!!! Sausage, eggs with mushrooms/broccoli/tomatoes

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Good for you, jnmcelwain, for taking care of yourself and your health, whether others support you or not! I can sympathize with your challenges, and with you weight loss. And weight gain.

I urge you to get your vegetables! 1-3 cups every meal. Even if you don't feel like eating at breakfast or another meal, "eat around the plate" ((protein, veggies, fats) and save the rest for later. And don't let fruit crowd the veggies off your plate at breakfast.

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Whole30 Day03 and Day04

It's been a busy couple of days at work, Sunday I had store inspections (I work for a family owned chain of grocery stores- supervisor of 9 perishable departments) and yesterday was inventory, so I definitely got my steps in! No coffee for five days! Feeling good, my hips and legs hurt a little, but no other aches or detox issues. Since I was working Sunday, my husband and kids had lunch at my mom's house after church, she still made me a plate, even though I wasn't going over. All veggies, which was great, but she still had made macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and rolls, so I'm glad I wasn't there to eat with them, she doesn't understand that as soon as I get in that house, I'm ready to eat anything they have out. I just can't go there right now. I've been sticking to my menu plan, doing well with taking the time to pre-cook/pre-thaw/pre-pack everything. Discipline and organization have never been my strongest attributes.

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