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Lizzie Bee

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Hi there,

Just wondered where everyone bought the more specialised ingredients from like coconut oil, almond flour etc? I've been looking for the cheapest place & with living a good way from a supermarket, I'm wondering wether online is better? I've just bought some oil & butters off MyProtien, as they have a good offer on at the mo but I'm keen to hear about others



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Hi Lizzie


I buy coconut oil from Amazon - it's definitely cheaper than buying local. Other oils (walnut, olive etc) & ghee can be found in any of the big brand supermarkets. There are few 'specialised' ingedients I buy to be honest - I don't recall the last time I used flour of any description and I have never bought/used the likes of coconut aminos for instance. It is much cheaper (& easier) to keep it simple, adapting favourite recipes, and cooking things like a pork shoulder or whole chicken and then adding the sides...

Is there something specific you are looking for and perhaps we can point you in the right direction?

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