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Brenda's Family Whole30 New Year - January 4 START


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Happy New Year!!


I am setting this W30 log up for myself & the family members I shared the Whole30 Book with this Christmas.  Each for different reasons.  Although our family is relatively active & health conscious, members of our family have a wide variety of health issues that may or may not be positively impacted by transitioning to a Paleo lifestyle.  To name a few.... Migranes, Asthma, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Thyroid issues, Gout, Lymes disease and of course weight management is always in the mix.  


My first W30 program I completed right before my company cruise in November.  The program definitely gave me more energy, By the end I woke rested & ready for the day instead of the normal drag to get out of bed.  My digestive system was working like never before & my arthritis was much better on day 30 than on day 1 with no other treatment.  I did lose some weight & felt really good on on the cruise because all my clothes fit well.  I didn't get to complete the 10 day re-intro correctly with the timing of my trip so I am looking forward to learning more this time.  After the W30 I continued to eat Paleo about 90% of the time (and felt great) until the past few weeks & the "Holiday" temptations & menu changes (now feeling not so great).


I don't know who if anyone is ready for this but I am starting my W30-2 on January 4th & I invite you to join me.  Along the way I will share things I learned the first round & in my further study of Auto-immune disease connection to diet.  The rules are strict & you wont succeed doing just parts of it.  If you can't or don't want to commit to it 100% just don't bother because you wont see the same or maybe any results.  Like Yoda says.... "There is no TRY, only DO or DO NOT".  I wont be offended if you opt out.  Do what is right for you, but I believe this will help you, and it is only 30 days!


I will check in daily & encourage you to join the conversation.  This is the place to log your meals, how you are feeling, recipes, ask questions, etc.  Other family members can benefit from your questions & answers.  Please feel free to check out the other Forums & all the free resources here on the W30 website.  I found it very helpful!


As for me, today I got my grocery shopping done & tomorrow I will cook a few things to have on hand for a successful start up!  Parker Sr. & Gillian have decided to commit to the W30 with me this time.  I am excited!



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Tomorrow is Day 1! A few quick notes:

If you want to weigh & measure yourself do it tomorrow morning but no scales or measuring again for 30 days.

Make some notes to yourself about how you are feeling prior to the program. Note any aches, pains, quality of sleep, energy levels, digestive issues, etc. you can review this throughout the program & compare to how you feel at the end.

If you cheat or go off plan the rules say start over at day 1 no matter how far into the program you are. Don't cheat!

Looking forward to it!

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Day 1 & 2... perfect & off to a great start!!  Already feeling clearer.  


So psyched that my hubby & daughter are along for the ride & taking it seriously.  It is more fun this way.  Had lunch out with another friend on W30 & the only protein on the menu we could enjoy was a hamburger patty.  Had mine on a large side salad with oil & vinegar.  Not bad but the first time I have had a hamburger salad.  lol


I am looking for the "what to expect" day by day in the W30 that I saw on round one.  Can't locate it now.  If anyone can find it please share.  Thanks!

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Day 3 was a breeze.  


The arthritis in my feet was at an all time high over the weekend prior to day 1 & they already feel better!


Need to start moving more.  My fitbit shows I am at my desk too much & I haven't been motivated to start my Jillian Michaels Body Shred again quite yet & it is too cold here in Colorado to run (in my opinion).  Once I get W30 week 1 under my belt I will add the daily exercise & for now just get moving more.

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