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Starting this Saturday, January 11


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Third time a charm. I ate bad during the holidays. I gained close to 9 pounds. The last time I did the whole 30, I lost 12 pounds.

During the holidays at least I continue to work out , not regularly but still went to the gym. The sugar dragon made me its slave and I embraced fully.

The last time W30 black coffee wasn't bad, my wine I missed at first but not as bad as my first time when I almost quit the first week

. Although I capped my day with a glass of wine - I got use to it by distracting myself. Although I feel a little hypocritical as I write this while I am sipping some vino.

I am 178 ibs and 5 8". I will like to be in a buck 60 which means I need to get serious about my health and eating habits.

I look forward to eliminating my five enemies: sugar, grains, legumes, gluten and dairy. I will miss my wine and my coffee with cream and of course the sugar dragon.

Wish my luck.

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Hey -- I'm SO joining --- this is my "3rd rodeo" too.  I did a whole 30 (my second) Nov 29-Dec 30. I am hereby committing to another one starting -- tomorrow. I'd like to make it a whole100 except for maybe adding oatmeal (I did ok with that, but would like to challenge it again) and maybe sugar in coffee after 30 days. I have a history of bulimia and binge eating disorder and am 20+ lbs heavier than I want to be, so I need to do this! BTW - Saturday is the 9th - not the 11th....

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update: tomorrow it will be 2 weeks, so far so good. Already I am sleeping better and my clothes are looser. I love W30.

I do miss my class of wine and my creamer in my coffee. I crave sugar and when it gets bad I satisfy with fruits.

By the third week, I am looking at finish line. Whoope!

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