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Ugh, fever in the heat :( Still winning against bug but stomach/appetite is weird. Sneezing is better, sinuses are not.


Late Meal 3:


Chicken breast in ghee & Franks Red Hot (seem to be craving salty things)

Organic red grapes & hazelnut butter

Really wanted to have plantains with this but not sure anything big is going to stay down


Supplements: No (don't think I can stomach them at the moment)



Lime Mineral Water

Ginger & Lemongrass tea


Have a big heatwave day tomorrow, so cooked extra chicken breast.

Planning on lots of veggies in the AM tomorrow, hope stomach is better then.

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Sinus was terrible last night and I think this is affecting my eating through chewing/breathing/pain.


I ended up eating some extras after meal three as I couldn't sleep and was up late (breathing I think, hard to sleep with not enough oxygen).

Not 100% sure this is all I had but everything was compliant. Appetite is weird, it flashes for a longer than a craving, but drops suddenly. Weird aversion to things with fibre at the moment, I think body is wanting small in volume, rather than sweet (with fruit, there's no "sugar-jangling" feeling in my blood).


Mini Meal 4:


Chicken breast in ghee & Franks Red Hot (seem to be craving salty things)

Dates & hazelnut butter - wanted a banana but as soon as I smelled it, no.


Supplements: Still no



Lime Mineral Water

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Day 10


Meals aren't really happening, picking when I can as appetite drops and having a lot of gaggy feeling (sinus ickies). Not sure if my body is dumping out some extra garbage with this bug since I had been eating dairy between my previous W30 and this one (testing Reintro, better but not good, need to dump dairy again).


So just some dot points:

  • Fruit salad (few bites)
  • Coffee & coconut milk (waited for ages but no appetite and wanted to get some fat in)
  • Lime mineral water

If my stomach is better for lunch, going to eat a big one.

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w00t! feeling much better (late logging, have felt better since before lunch)


Meal 2:

Three Cleavers paleo sausages - I normally would have two but I have a bit of eating to catch up on

Huge pile of panfried kale

Too full for any fruit or drink





Pukka - Detox tea with Lemon

Lime mineral water

1/2 Raspberry Mojo Kombucha (drank half after dinner last night)



Fruit Salad

Coconut butter

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I'm bad at logging when I'm sick, but on the mend. Appetite back, but intermittent.



Three Cleavers paleo sausages

Capsicum relish


Meal 3 - restaurant:

Barramundi (fish) with crispy skin

Juice from grilled lemon

Roasted veggies (carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, white potato)


Drinks: San Pellegrino & pineapple juice



Dates with Pistachio & Almond Butter

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Day 11


Sometimes a bit extra hungry still, catching up.


Meal 1:

Two Cleavers paleo sausages

Capsicum, onion and zucchini


Meal 2:

Four Cleavers paleo sausages

Capsicum relish

Fruit salad


Meal 3:

Pork mince

Huge amount of Zucchini

Spiral Foods - Pizza Pasta sauce


Mini meal:

Pistachio nuts


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I take a whole bunch of them, because of my MTHFR.

A lot of mine are from Metagenics, which you need to get through a naturopath (which I work with, getting regular blood tests).

  • B12 (special kind for MTHFR)
  • CoQ10
  • Iron (special kind for MTHFR)
  • Magnesium
  • Omega 3
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc

Plus taking some new ones at the moment for low DHEA (adrenal insufficiency).

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