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Beverly B's First Whole30


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I figured I should start logging my experiences. I got through days 1 and 2. Day 1 I felt exhausted but I think part of that was from all of the busy activity the previous 2 weeks and the fact that Day 1 was New Year's Day. I did't drink on NYE, but I did eat a bunch of mostly homemade Chinese food. 


Day 1

I had OAMM meals all day. Thanks to the Big Cooking Day I did last week in preparation for this journey, I have a freezer full of compliant food to pull from for the month - Yay!


Breakfast -https://onceamonthmeals.com/recipes/sweet-potato-parsnip-sausage-breakfast-hash/and a banana 2 cups of plain back tea (one before breakfast - one later)


Lunch - http://paleomagazine.com/apple-curry-tuna-salad/- I used Primal Kitchen Whole30 approved mayo on a bed of baby spinach


snack - apple


supper - https://onceamonthmeals.com/recipes/paleo-crockpot-meatballs/with steamed green beans


I also had a handful of sprouted sunflower seeds (seed rotation from hormonesbalance.com)


I don't think I had enough carbs. I found myself really wanting a cracker (or a whole box of them) but I didn't indulge.


I noticed an increase in urination - I suspect it was fluid from inflamation that I had in my hand (from using a dishwashing liquid that I now think I have a sensitivity too - it was on my really small safe list from the dermatologist - what can I use now?) 



Day 2 I felt headachey and tired until around 3pm.

The usual tea in the morning (used to be coffee, but I don't like coffee without a sweetener so I switched to tea for the duration of the program)


breakfast - PFF style breakfast from hormonesbalance.com

homemade turkey sausage crumbles (no sweetener added) sauted with baby spinach in coconut oil and a serving of garlic kraut on the side


lunch - more of that tuna salad in a wrap made of vegetables


supper - I made a whole chicken in my Instant Pot for supper (Served with broccoli and mashed potatoes that were mashed with chicken broth) and made a batch of bone broth when I put the carcass back in my IP for a couple of hours with some water. I had enough chicken leftover to make chicken salad to have for lunch tomorrow but no approved mayo and not the right kind of oil in the house to make my own. Did some research and found that I could use salsa (checked the ingredients on Whole Foods salsa and they are all OK) as a dressing. I thought it would be too thin and watery but it mixed up well. I'll have that for lunch today with some greens.


I really loved having the potatoes - needed those carbs!


snack - handful of sprouted sunflower seeds


Went to bed before midnight (that's an accomplishment!) but kept thinking about cheese. I really, really miss cheese.







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Day 3



breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled with leftover broccoli and some chopped up red bell pepper with a side of fermented beets.

more tea


Still feel headachey and even felt a little light-headed after breakfast. What's that about? Missing carbs again? Getting my carbs from approved vegetables is going to be harder than I thought. I'm going to have to stock up on sweet potatoes I guess.

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Day 3 continued:

lunch - chicken salsa salad on a bed of baby spinach with red bell peppers and shredded carrots topped with Tessemae southwest ranch salad dressing. Had sprouted sunflower seeds with the salad.


Felt kinda crappy most of the afternoon. slightly unsettled stomach - headache, lightheaded


supper - http://nomnompaleo.com/post/2579868716/curried-ground-pork-and-broccoli-slaw-frittataand an apple


hot flashes seem to have come back. Not happy about that.

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