High risk pregnancy, medication, exercise and Whole30

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Hi! I have had 13 miscarriages and 2 children, 7yo, 2yo and I am 41 and just found out I am pregnant again. I am eating a W30 diet (day 3) though I have been doing a mostly Paleo eating plan for a while. I have sticky platelets and take 0.4 mg heparin daily by injection, as well as aspirin in low doses. I also get GD in later pregnancy, but by the time I get that far I am usually safe in terms of the baby.

I successfully did paleo in my last pregnancy and controlled my Gestational Diabetes through diet alone. I am about 6/7 weeks pregnant, still breastfeeding my daughter, and have been exercising on the elliptical, walking, running and doing a crossfit type class. I am on blood thinners and worried about things like broccoli.. Would there be enough vit K to interfere with the blood thinners? I am a little overwhelmed by this and not sure how much carb I need to eat, considering the exercise (I will be doing non impact only now)

Is there anyone else that has been through similar, or who may have some insight?

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Hi Janet;

Congratulations! It sounds like pregnancy has been a rough road for you so this is exciting!

There may be someone here that has been through something similar that can offer encouragement but there is no one on this site qualified to advise you on vitamin levels or blood thinners. This is something that you should definitely be speaking to your doctor about. If you're concerned of how to talk to your doctor about what the Whole30 entails, we can give you pointers for that and there are a lot of people who have their doctor's blessing, even when pregnant but we can't give you that blessing.

As far as eating carbs, the recommendation is 1 or more fist sized servings per day and you just need to listen to your body to see if it is telling you it wants more. We have pre and post work out recommendations as well... protien and fat for pre and protein and starchy carbs for post, but again, you really should be talking to your doctor about your exercise plans and diet!

Best of luck with your pregnancy!!!

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Congrats on your pregnancy.  And so sorry for so many losses.  


There is certainly no way that W30 eating can make you any less healthy for your pregnancy :)  So good for you for trying to stick with it during your first trimester.  BUT I would talk to your primary care (or is it a hematologist following your blood thinners?) about the possible increase in Vit K through foods.  From my (very basic) understanding measuring your PTT should allow your doc to make and dosage changes based on changes in your diet.  


Also if you are breastfeeding and exercising and pregnant you might want to go above the recommended 1 serving of starchy carbs per day :)  At 6 weeks your certainly don't need much more in the way of carbs but as you progress don't be afraid to increase the carbs.  Go for starchy carbs (potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squashes, beets) before fruit.  


I wish you the best with this pregnancy :) 

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I had a blood clot and have spent months giving myself heparin injections & taking Coumadin. When it comes to Vitamin K what is important is keeping your intake steady so that it doesn't interfere with your INR readings. So go ahead and eat the broccoli or leafy greens just try to eat the same amount every day. If you are going to increase or decrease the amount you eat make sure you get your INR tested so that you stay in the range advised by your doctor.


All the best for your pregnancy!

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