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all this chorizo...


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I bought a few lbs of house-made chorizo from a local farm on a whim, and now i'm not sure how to best use it. I have reicipes planned for dinners already, so I'd like to do something make-ahead with it.Should I just fry it up to add as I go to various dishes this week? Should I pre-make some kind of hash ( I also have a ton of cubed butternut squash to use). Give me your chorizo faves!

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I'd probably brown it and add it to things -- if you had it on hand already cooked, it would great stuffed in a baked sweet potato, topped with a fried egg or two, for a quick meal if you didn't feel like cooking. Or the hash would be good. Maybe make some soup (this one sounds pretty good, or google Whole30 chorizo soup for other options). 

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I make a Greek sausage casserole (called Spetzofai) with mine:

Chop approx 6 sweet peppers into chunks, brown in olive oil and transfer to large pan

Chop chorizo into bite size pieces, brown in their own fat & tranfer to pan with the peppers along with the excess oil (there should be about equal quantities of peppers & chorizo peppers just to give you an idea of quantity)
Add to the pan what you want from the following - chopped chillies, a whole chopped onion & a few cloves of crushed garlic (smoked garlic works well here) - omit as applicable if low FODMAP
Add a generous helping (I add about 2 tsps) of smoked paprika, then 1tsp each cayenne, coriander & cayenne, plus a sprinkle of salt & freshly ground black pepper.
Add approx 2tbsp of tomato puree, x2 cans of good quality chopped tomatoes and a tbsp or 2 of olive oil.
Bring to a low boil & then simmer gently until the sauce reduces down and it's good & rich/thick.

This is a very rustic dish & is traditionally served with feta cheese & crusty bread which is obviously off plan, but it works equally well with baked or boiled potatoes.


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