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Time To Get Going and Quit Groaning! Started 1/02/16


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Hey y'all! I'm really happy I've finally gotten off my "way to comfortable sitting on a couch all day" butt and have committed to doing something to change all the things I've been groaning and whining about, while sitting on the aforementioned couch!  ;)  


I have read through the Whole30 timeline and so far, on day 2, I haven't experienced a hangover, just a lot more energy.  I'm not getting to excited about that yet because I really should have had one today, so it will probably smack me upside the head tomorrow. :rolleyes:  Doesn't matter though, because forewarned is forearmed, and any discomfort I experience on this journey won't be any worse than the misery that the way I ate, until 2 days ago, inflicted on me. 


I also want to start exercising, slug is my current fitness level, so any suggestions as to when to start during this process, or what did and didn't work for y'all, would be greatly appreciated! Should I wait until after the 1st week? 2nd? 


I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you and I'm hoping to be an encourager for others on this journey!  :D


We can do this!


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Simply walk out your front door and come back home when you're ready.  There's really no need to wait for any special day.   Any movement  will make you feel better.   I know that in this day of extreme sports we may feel the need to put the word "just" in front of  an accomplishment like walking or taking a hike but there's no need.


Getting dressed and walking for an hour at some speed above completely still is fine.  Really.


As for the timeline of misery,   :D "carb hangover",  "carb flu" and so on.  I didn't pay any attention to it.  I didn't tell myself how I was supposed to feel on any corresponding day and therefore,  I don't remember any of that misery.  I don't . 


Start where you're at and don't compare yourself with anyone here or anywhere.  One day you may decide to participate in a triathalon or Ironman but as a wise woman once said...tiny steps for tiny feet.  

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