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Paleovalley Grassfed Beef Sticks


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Paleovalley 100% Grass-fed Beef sticks lists organic dextrose in its ingredients.  


In talking with the folks on their FB page, they say: "The dextrose is derived from organic cassava root and only used to catalyze the fermentation process and little (if any) remains in the final product. Third party testing reported "0 grams of sugar" in the final product."

Would these be ok to use in an Emergency for those caught out on the road with no other options?  The whole sugar and fermentation thing befuddles me at times.


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Dextrose is a sugar, so it's not compliant.


Sugars can be derived from many natural and healthy ingredients, but after it's extracted, it's still sugar.

This is why we read the ingredients list, so we know what's in the food.


Save these ones for after your Whole30 :)

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