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Organic Everything???

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Really good question and no, they absolutely don't. You don't need grassfed meat either. To be compliant doesn't require organics, some people just prefer them and the cost varies a lot by region/country, even sometimes between stores in the same region.


My first Whole30 had probably no organic anything and I had great results! :D


If you can afford a little organic, try for the dirty dozen. The only dirty one I really avoid is broccoli as it's heavily sprayed (locally to me) and I feel sick sometimes if I eat loads of it. The ones least worth spending your hard earned cash on are the clean fifteen, fairly clean anyway naturally.

Other cheaper options are "low spray" or "transitional" produce, often where farmers are working towards organic certification, but aren't ready yet.

Local farmers markets are also good, talk to the farmers (markets often have great deals too).

All of it is better than the average diet today, so don't worry if organic is unaffordable, in many parts of the world it is and in some, completely unavailable.


There's a few different versions of these lists, if you can find one from your local farmers association it's probably more relevant.


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